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No life-threatening injuries as car flips on E Madison

BJ-kNLYCUAAKyjuA rollover crash near Madison and 14th just before 3 AM Saturday caused no life-threatening injuries. We’re still working to gather information on what happened and how many cars and people were involved but preliminary reports from Seattle Fire radio indicate that medic units were quickly dismissed from the scene where a blue Zipcar vehicle rested on its top in the middle of the glass-strewn street. Post-last call traffic in the area was backed up significantly during the crash investigation and removal of the vehicle. We’ll update when we learn more. Thanks to @nursebeckus for the picture.

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7 thoughts on “No life-threatening injuries as car flips on E Madison

  1. Glad they’re ok.

    But seriously, how does one flip a car on a city street (in a non-collision situation)? You gotta be going pretty fast and do something pretty stupid…

  2. Not so uncommon actually. I see people talking on their cell phone or texting while driving basically everyday when I walk to and from work.

  3. If you manage to flip your car on a street like Madison, there’s no question you were going way too fast, and, that being the case, little doubt that alcohol or some other intoxicant was also involved, especially given that it was 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning. (“Post-last call traffic in the area was backed up significantly during the crash investigation…”)

    Texting or talking on your phone might cause a crash, but I have a hard time imagining that you’d put your car on its roof unless you also had some serious speed going on. Maybe “last call” was one too many calls for this particular driver.

  4. If it was EtOH related then at least they will not be zip-caring again. I’m rather ambivalent about the outcome. If there genes prompt them to drive drunk, perhaps they should disappear.

  5. Less speed than you’d think, actually. In my younger years I managed to flip a car (not SUV) going less than 40mph and catching a wheel on the curb just right.

    But yeah, generally, extra speed helps.

  6. Interesting how you judgmental geniuses are able to ascertain blame without having been anywhere near the accident scene.

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