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Now open on Broadway: Bettie Page Clothing and, yup, another bank

IMG_9772 IMG_9757 IMG_9751Store manager Geena Sigsimondi knows what she is doing. She was there when the only Bettie Page Clothing store was in Las Vegas. She is behind the counter, now, on Broadway, where the national chain’s 15th store has opened its doors on Capitol Hill.

We first told you about the plan for Bettie Page to take over the former state liquor store on Broadway back in February. Last week, with walls fully awash in pink — and still waiting for art to complete the look, the retail operation debuted and is now celebrating its grand opening amid the changing retail fashion mix on Broadway. Nearby, Aprie continues to offer local fashion at its Capitol Hill location and fellow indie Mishu is in the middle of its third year on Broadway while vintage is still a big deal at Red Light and Crossroads Trading. Old schoolers like Metro Clothing continue to also hold down the fort.

Equally prevalent now, of course, are Broadway’s banks. Another institution of finance joins Bettie Page with a recent Broadway opening. 1st Security is now resident in what was the temporary north Broadway set-up for Bank of America. With all of this fashion for sale, we expect the many new tellers to be dressed to the nines.

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17 thoughts on “Now open on Broadway: Bettie Page Clothing and, yup, another bank

  1. Broadway (Between E. Roy and E. Pike)

    First Security
    Wells Fargo
    U.S. Bank

    Folks need to open some more tanning salons just to even things out a little bit.

    • There is a HomeStreet Bank opening next to FedEx office in June. ;)

      I for one am ecstatic that there are finally some local/regional banks on Broadway.

      • I do all my banking in Switzerland and the Caymans. I don’t understand why we need these branch banks here.

        Welcome, Bettie Page.

    • Don’t forget Bank of America! And the Wells Fargo ATM on the street in front of Broadway Video (basically across the street from their new branch), and that credit union ATM that popped up in the Dicks parking lot.

  2. Bettie Page Clothing looks like a really cute shop (great window displays) and a welcome addition to Broadway.

    1st Security, what can I say other than your bilious blue sign is definitely noticeable.

  3. We still need a hardware store, a great furniture store (remember Del Teet/Keegs?), a decent grocery store (Metropolitan Market) and how about bringing back a Bartell?

  4. There’s a Bartell’s above the QFC on Broadway and Pike, and we do not need a Metropolitan Market–we’ve already got too many new businesses charging exorbitant prices so we don’t need an overpriced upscale grocery–go to lower Queen Anne to get your fix. We’ve also already got a hardware store close by although I think another would be great (can’t remember name but it’s either on second and third and between Pine and Madision).

    • Yeah, as if multiple QFC’s don’t already rip you off enough, we need Metropolitan Mkt to do it even worse? If you’re that desperate to get overcharged, take the 8 down Denny and let them relieve you of your excess earnings at Whole Paycheck.

    • I shop at Pacific Supply often. It baffles my mind that people have no idea it’s in the ‘hood. Plus, there’s a Chinook Book coupon for it. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

      • Agreed. I buy supplies there for my place. I just bought drip pans and a burner there for my stove because QFC did not have what I needed. Pacific Supply on 12th is great. I even bought four individual nails to hang a mirror (5 cents).

      • pacific supply is the bomb. good people who will give you the truth about what you need vs trying to sell you some buuuuuulshit. love local hardware. I replaced my toilet guts all by myself, thanks to them!

  5. _Another_ bank branch on B’way? Why? Had there really been such a pent up demand for bank services?

    I guess the ever more numerous panhandlers need somewhere to deposit their take each day.

    • There has definitely been pent up demand on Capitol Hill for local/regional bank services. Now with BECU, Umpqua, 1st Security and soon Homestreet maybe we can get rid of the Chase’s, BofA’s and US Banks! I love that we are actually have some choice now. For years we’ve been stuck with only the big guys.

      • Clearly the regional nature of the newer banks appeals to some, but really, doesn’t the sheer number of banks popping up on B’way seem excessive?

        When there were only half as many branches as there are today, I don’t recall seeing crowded bank lobbies and long lines at tellers. Has the demand for home loans and debit cards taken a steep rise recently?

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