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Parks notes | Volunteer Park playground dedication ceremony, Parks Legacy Plan meetings


  • Fans of the Volunteer Park playground will want to mark your calendars for Friday, May 17th for the community celebration and dedication of the renovated play area. CHS provided a few pictures and some early reviews of the revamped playground here. Details on the party are below.
  • Meanwhile, Seattle Parks is also kicking off a series of community meeting beginning Tuesday night to start planning the department’s future. The Legacy Plan meetings will gather community input into the future capital plans for Seattle Parks including sports fields and community centers. You can learn more about the plan here.
  • The future Broadway Hill Park will once again host the 2013 Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day community lot. More details to come but save the date: June 8th.

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etaoin shrdlu
etaoin shrdlu
8 years ago

I love the new Concussion Mountain playground feature, pictured above.