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Racing for mayor, Senator Murray wins endorsement on home turf

Murray celebrates his endorsement (Image: CHS)

Murray celebrates his endorsement (Image: CHS)

Ed Murray showed Tuesday night that he’ll be a contender in the race for Seattle’s mayor thanks to his strong base in the city’s core. In a vote by nearly 200 residents of the area, Murray walked away with the sole endorsement for mayor of Seattle from the 43rd District Democrats.

“We can only do it if we can come back together,” Murray said of his promise to return to the “Seattle way” and end what he called a “divisive” term in office for incumbent opponent Mike McGinn.

McGinn takes a seat with his fellow 43rd District dwellers (Image: CHS)

McGinn takes a seat with his fellow 43rd District dwellers (Image: CHS)

McGinn, who failed to win an endorsement from the group in its primary vote in 2009 despite being the top vote getter in the bunch, was the first to throw a jab Tuesday night as he criticized Murray for his lack of leadership in Olympia and for opposing “subarea equity” for Sound Transit.

In 2009, McGinn went on to win the 43rd’s support in his eventual victory over Joe Mallahan following the primary.

Popular with many community and neighborhood groups for his positions on slowing down the pace of development and opposing the South Lake Union rezoning and the SoDo arena deal, Peter Steinbrueck finished third on the night with his message of “balancing growth with livability.

In addition to the important endorsement, Murray, limited in his ability to raise campaign funds as his work in Olympia is set to continue in an extra session, has also been able to make up ground in the money race.

Here is the full list of candidates endorsed by the 43rd Dems Tuesday:

Dow Constantine – King County Executive
John Urquhart – King County Sheriff
John Creighton – Seattle Port Commission
Courtney Gregoire – Seattle Port Commission
Stephanie Bowman – Seattle Port Commission
Rod Dembowski – King County Council
Ed Murray – Seattle Mayor
Pete Holmes – Seattle City Attorney
Sally Bagshaw – Seattle City Council
Nick Licata – Seattle City Council
Mike O’Brien – Seattle City Council
King County Parks Levy – YES



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7 thoughts on “Racing for mayor, Senator Murray wins endorsement on home turf

  1. I hope Ed Murray gets the job – and that he’ll represent all Seattle residents, not just developers and big businesses.

  2. No way I’m voting for Murray. He’s just too much of a political show-boater. On that note, anyone can do a better job than McGinn?

  3. I for one would welcome Senator Murray as our next mayor. As somebody who’s actually gotten something done in Olympia, I can only hope for the same in Seattle. We sure as heck haven’t seen anything meaningful from the last two mayors.

  4. Murray reeks of entitlement. We don’t need someone who is part of the Olympia machine extending that into Seattle.

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