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SPD seeks assistance in identifying May Day 2013 riot suspects

Longboard vs. Walgreens (Image via SPD)

Longboard vs. Walgreens (Image via SPD)

Moment of impact (Image via SPD)

Moment of impact (Image via SPD)

Chances are, you might know one of these May Day riot suspects. Seattle Police are again turning to the public to help identify suspects caught in images and video recorded during the 2013 May Day marches, protests and vandalism that marked the left a handful of businesses damaged on Capitol Hill.

SPD has posted images and video of eight suspects here.

Following 2012’s May Day incidents in downtown Seattle, police also posted pictures in hopes of identifying suspects. Five people were ultimately charged in late November. Four of the cases remain in the court system — one of the suspects has pleaded guilty.

Video of some of the suspects’ actions distributed by SPD is below.

Following this year’s incidents, prosecutors filed charges against 11 people associated with May Day crimes including five felonies.

Police are asking for assistance in identifying the eight suspects featured in this batch of photos. You can contact or call (206) 233-2666 to provide information.

Silly string attack?

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9 thoughts on “SPD seeks assistance in identifying May Day 2013 riot suspects

      • I 3rd that. Im sick of this happening every year now. maybe we can go to these @holes neighborhood and smash their stuff up and see how they like it. I hope the courts throw the book at everyone they catch. they need to send a message to all these punks that if they riot in seattle and they are caught they will be sorry.

  1. I know that people like to bash Walgreen’s because it is part of a chain store operation but I hope that people on Capitol Hill will patronize and appreciate this place after all that it has been through in the short time it has done business in this location. Anarchist attacks resulting in broken windows; victims who have been harassed and even stabbed at Cal Anderson Park going here for help (and getting it); you name it. That has to be one dangerous job for anybody employed there. I try to shop there now as much as possible.

  2. I’m not sure what the difficulty in finding them is. Just ask at Black Coffee Coop. They had the May Day “victory” party there after the window smashing.

  3. The usual suspects. Angry boys who find it’s easier to destroy things than getting an education and making something of their lives. Skateboarding and passing the bong is about all they accomplish or most likely ever will.

  4. I hope they catch them and prosecute them, and I second the call to support Walgreens–so what that they are a big company? This Walgreens is a part of our neighborhood, and I shop there and support them as much as I can. And Black Coffee is now throwing a benefit for those injured and “kidnapped” by the police on May Day. Kidnapped? Really? Get a life!

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