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Bill’s Way Off Broadway — Much-loved bar and pizza joint opening Greenwood location

Bill's patrons enjoying the game (Image: CHS)

Bill’s patrons enjoying the game (Image: CHS)

In early May, CHS reported that Bill’s Off Broadway was spiking its plan to find an interim Capitol Hill location as its more than 30-year home at Harvard and Pine is about to undergo a major redevelopment. Instead, owner Don Stevens told CHS, the new plan was to open a new Bill’s away from the Hill where available spaces were either too small, too ill-equipped or too expensive and wait for the new building to be ready for a triumphant Bill’s return in late 2014.

Owner Don Stevens announced Monday via the CHS comments that the new Bill’s will move north — look forward to a field trip to Bill’s On Greenwood:

We will be opening at 8560 Greenwood Ave North. Our plan is to open on September 1st. The menu will be essentially the same with a few additions but otherwise it will be Bill’s. Bill’s on Greenwood!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.43.33 PMStevens says he expects the original Bill’s to close for what he hopes is a 20-month hiatus at the end of July. Stevens says he plans to operate both locations when the seven-story building and preservation project at Harvard and Pine is completed.

While the massive development on the same block was put “on hold” earlier this year, the smaller project that is planned to rise above Bill’s with 91 residential units above 8,208 square feet of commercial space and 29 underground parking spots is till a go, according to developers. The project still has a round of design review to get through before any work begins, however. At this time, there’s nothing yet on the summer review schedule for the project.

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13 thoughts on “Bill’s Way Off Broadway — Much-loved bar and pizza joint opening Greenwood location

  1. I don’t know, I”d love to see Bill’s open up ON Broadway. In the Grill’s location? I know we don’t need more pizza so close to two other places, but what the heck.

    • I would LOVE to see Bill’s take over the old Grill location, and I don’t think we’re the only ones since this has been discussed here before. However, if I remember correctly part of the reason the Grill closed down was a very high cost of upkeep of the facilities of that location. Apparently, they inherited some infrastructure deficiencies that proved themselves to be too expensive to take care of in the long run. I would hate for Bill’s to go down fur such a reason.

      • Correct. As they say in the biz “from someone close to the situation” I can confirm that the Broadway Grill space needs massive (50K +) structural repairs and the owners of the building are/will not willing to flip the bill. Thus Broadway grill closed, and any business looking at the space is unlikely soon.

        Now for my speculation (and hope). It gets bought and demolished for a new apt/condo project with a restaurant (w/parking) below. I would like another affordable american style place, but right now I will settle for anything besides a closed business prime broadway strip.

  2. Another bar in Greenwood– right next to the popular bar Naked City, across the street from the sports bar that replaced Tully’s, which is down the block from the location of another bar that will open in the near future near 85th St. The tragic arson fire that destroyed four eating places, three of which have never been replaced, has resulted in a lack of variety in Greenwood restaurants. While there has been a glut of Mediterranean restaurants in the neighborhood, there is no Chinese restaurant that serves lunch, no teriyaki place and no Vietnamese restaurant. Increasingly Greenwoodites have to settle for alchoholic drinks and bar food.

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  5. Update. We have been informed that the development of the property that has housed Bill’s off Broadway since 1980 is moving a little slower than originally thought. As a result we have decided to remain open until at least November 30th. (maybe longer) As part of our (wind down) we stopped brunch last weekend but will start it up again soon. Plus we will be open for at least the first three months of NFL Season. The Greenwood location is still scheduled to open on September 1st.

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  7. It helps a business to move from one place to another sometimes. In this case, Bill’s might get more biz in Greenwood and still open back on Broadway once the new building is done. I must say I will miss the old Bill’s though, wah.

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