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Blotter | Burglary victim finds woman wearing his pants, carrying his bag in Cal Anderson

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  • Cal Anderson burglary arrests: Police arrested two people after the victim in a recent 11th Ave E burglary found a woman wearing his pants and carrying his unique yellow backpack in Cal Anderson Park. According to the SPD report on the Tuesday night incident, the burglary victim told police his shed had been broken into Monday and clothing and a yellow Ortlieb waterproof pack were among the stolen items. The victim called police Tuesday night after spotting the woman but lost sight of her and returned to his home. Police found the woman looking through the backpack nearby and placed her under arrest after her story about where she acquired the clothing and bag didn’t add up. A man who was with her was found to have a felony warrant and also arrested. In their search, police found the suspects were carrying a small amount of marijuana and meth as well as bolt cutters, keys that did not belong to them and a checkbook stolen in a recent North Seattle burglary. The male suspect was arrested on the warrant and the 20-year-old female was arrested for possession of stolen property.
  • QFC choking assault: An employee who said he was afraid he would lose his job if he reported the June 9th attack, told police that a suspected shoplifter had assaulted him two days earlier after a manager learned of the incident and asked the employee to report it to SPD:Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.43.46 AMAccording to the SPD report, the suspect was caught on surveillance video during the initial shoplifting incident. We’ll check to see if an arrest has been made in the incident.
  • QFC backpack melee: Police were called to the Harvard Market QFC at Pike and Broadway early Monday to a report of three men fighting inside. By the time police arrived, the incident had become a robbery with two of the men reportedly running off with the third’s backpack in the 3:15 AM incident. No word of any arrests in the reported robbery. UPDATE: SPD has provided the preliminary report on the incident which apparently stemmed from a dispute between the involved parties. Two men were arrested:Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.36.29 PM
  • QFC pepper spray attack: Early Saturday, the Harvard Market QFC was also the location of a reported pepper spray attack. According to the SPD report on the 4 AM incident, the victim said he was looking through his bag just outside the store when he ended up in argument with a woman who “walked past” him. The victim told police the woman suddenly pepper sprayed him in the face and left the area. Medics treated him at the scene. Police were unable to find the female suspect.
  • Loitering sex offender busted at Seattle U: From campus security, news of a Tuesday arrest on campus:

The Department of Public Safety responded to a report from a community member of a non-affiliate male loitering inside a Law School Annex restroom. DPS Officers contacted the individual and were able to escort the person outside while awaiting Seattle Police response. The individual was identified by police as a ‘known sex offender’ and arrested for outstanding warrants with the Department of Corrections.  I would like to thank the DPS Officers that responded to this incident as well as the community members who called DPS.

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6 thoughts on “Blotter | Burglary victim finds woman wearing his pants, carrying his bag in Cal Anderson

  1. While i’m not the employee in question, I do work at havard market QFC and the employee was right to fear being fired for this. Management repeatedly fails to deal with the rampant theft and violence, and our complaints are ignored. It’s incredibly frustrating and sometimes frightening.

  2. To many homeless hang out in front of and inside of this qfc way to often.. Not that they all contribute to the shenanigans that go on here, but a lot of them do. Especially that group across the way, most the time, with their out of control dog. I feel sad for that dog. Probably abused and hungry so in turn the dog acts out.

  3. For those who are concerned Capitol Hill is turning into Bellevue, may I use the Harvard Market QFC as the counterpoint to that argument?

    • No kidding. I avoid it and go to the Broadway Market QFC instead – a lot less riff raff hanging around there. Neither are close to Bellevue.