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Blotter | SPD ‘fast backup’ crash, E Pike pal punch, E Howe burglaries

  • SPD cruiser crash: A “fast backup” call near the Roanoke exit of I-5 sent Seattle Police officers racing through North Capitol Hill to assist a state trooper Saturday afternoon. The call was quickly canceled but not before one SPD cruiser crashed into a curb in the 2400 block of curvy Delmar Drive E. SPD tells us there were no injuries in the crash and only the police cruiser was damaged in the incident. A collision investigation is underway, SPD says. The fast backup situations authorize officers to respond at high rates of speed when law enforcement officers are threatened. Occasionally, mishaps occur like in this May, 2011 incident in which two cruisers responding to the same call collided at 12th and John.
  • Sunday mugging: SPD is investigating a reported street robbery at 14th and E Olive St around 2:30 AM Sunday. No additional details are yet available.
  • Punched by mistake on E Pike: Another E Pike nightlife assault appears to have been the result of a misguided punch from a friend. According to the SPD report on the Saturday, June 1st incident, police were called to the 900 block of E Pike after a man was reported down in the street after being punched — by his friend:Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.41.20 AM
  • Laptop mugger busted: A victim of a Madison Valley street mugging at 25th Ave E and E Madison identified the attacker after police tracked the suspect down near 19th and Madison later that night. According to the SPD report on the May 31st incident, the victim reported having his laptop ripped from his hands as he walked just after 10 PM on E Madison.  Police fanned out and found a suspect matching the mugger’s description up the hill on E Madison. The victim said he was able to identify the suspect by his clothing — a black t-shirt over a red long sleeve shirt.
  • Burglars make getaway: A neighbor reported seeing possible burglars who ripped off a residence in the 1000 block of E Howe last Monday afternoon but mistakenly thought the thieves were sales people:Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.37.14 AM
  • E Howe ransacking: Another home burglary in the same area of E Howe left the house ransacked and “several items of property in every room of the house strewn about.” According to the report, the house was broken into on Sunday morning. At the time of the report, it was not clear how many items had been stolen.
  • Bike thief: Via the CHS Classifieds, this 2011 BH Prisma bicycle was reported stolen from a 16th Ave E condo building over the weekend.
  • Guitar thief: A Friday, May 31st burglary at a residence in the 1000 block of Summit Ave E netted its thief two guitars and a “buddhist statue.” Police say the burglar busted out two small windows to gain entry.
  • Woman reports September assault broke her nose: After a quiet period, East Precinct detectives have another reported street assault on their hands — but this one has a peculiar twist. According to an SPD report, a woman came into the East Precinct hq at 12th and Pine last week to report she had her nose broken in an assault on Capitol Hill — on September 8th. The victim told police that a woman — described only as a black female in her 20s — approached her around 11a at 15th and Thomas and yelled at her to “Go back to Bellevue.” The woman told police the assailant then punched her twice in the face. The woman said she was so stunned, she didn’t fight back. She then drove herself to the hospital where she was treated for a fractured nose. The victim told police she was filing the report now as part of the hospital’s billing procedure.
  • Fake nurse suspect charged: SPD says the woman identified and arrested after being captured on surveillance video at Broadway’s Swedish Hospital will be charged in the crime. SPD says Rachel Nezat will be charged with two counts of property destruction and one count of criminal trespass in the first degree in this spring’s attempt to steal pain medication directly from a patient’s IV set-up at the hospital.
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