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CHS Crow | Jacqui, Teppei & Julia — ‘There are the same type of people, only more of them’

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.46.55 AMThe crow will have to try out this whole wrapped rock thing.


8997273152_f0450247de_bWhat are you up to today?
I’m wrapping rocks and selling them for food and money and other things.

Are you a native Seattleite?
No, I was selling magazines across country, and Washington was beautiful, so I stayed.

Selling magazines across the country—how does that work?
It’s like a door-to-door salesman. You walk up to somebody, and you ask them how they are, and if they’re nice and friendly, you sell them a magazine.

So, it’s like interviewing random strangers—only, I promise not to sell you any magazines. How did you get into wrapping rocks [to make jewelry]?
It’s a hobby. It calms you down. It wasn’t really for profit, but I got told that it could be for profit. I figure if you can make money for it, why not.

Where are you from originally?
From Montana. Missoula, Montana.

There seem to be a lot of Missoulans—is that the word?—in Seattle.
Yes, because Seattle is just a bigger version of Missoula.

How so?
There are the same type of people, only more of them. Also, there’s wildlife everywhere.

Do you have any favorite hangouts on the Hill?
Not really, I’ve only been here for four days.

Where are you staying?
On Beacon Hill.

Four days! Do you plan to stay in Seattle?
Why not? It’s so beautiful.

I’ve got to warn you, though—the weather isn’t always like this.  And that is an epic understatement.
Well, in Montana there’s snow. If you had to choose between rain and snow, I’d rather have rain.

Rain sounds good on paper, except when it rains 72 straight days in a single month. That sounds impossible, but I swear it happens in Seattle.
Yeah, it’s been really nice since we got here, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



photo (6)What are you up to today?
Enjoying the nice weather. I’m going to yoga later.

Do you live on the Hill?
Yeah, I’ve lived here about three years.

And before that?
I’m from Japan. I went to school at UW, and I graduated last year and I’m doing an internship right now.

What line of work are you in?
Photography and art.

What kind of photography do you like to do?
Mostly landscape photography.

If you had to think of your favorite landscape to take a picture of, what would it be?
The Amazon.

I assume you don’t mean the online retailer.
No, I mean the one in Brazil.

Do you plan to stay in Seattle over the long term?
I’m planning to move to Brazil. I studied abroad there through UW and I really liked it. I really want to go back—that’s my focus right now.

What about Brazil did you like in particular?
I liked the culture, and the diversity. Also, I like Brazilian art.

And more sun, I imagine.
Yes, a lot more.

What are some of the more striking differences between Seattle and your hometown in Japan?
Seattle is more diverse in a lot of ways. To me, Japan is not as exciting as the States. I think that’s main difference for me.

Do you have any favorite hangouts on the Hill?
I like Club Q. They have a really good sound system. I also go to Café Vita and Elliot Bay bookstore.

If you had to give advice to someone who just moved to Seattle from another country—regardless of which country—what would it be?
Enjoy the cultural differences among the people and the uniqueness of the city. Hang out with people from all over the world, and learn about them and their cultures.

 JULIA, 20

8997272278_1901033d92_bWhat are you up to today?
I’ve only been in Seattle for about five days, and I’m interning at Act Theater. So, I decided to come up here for a while and then go back down to the theater for a show tonight.

Where are you from?
I live in Richmond, Virginia, but I have family here and they’re letting me stay with them.

How did you find out about ACT?
I really like Seattle because of my family here, and I was looking for theaters, and ACT seemed like a cool place.

Are you here for the whole summer?
Just until the end of July.

What are your perceptions of Seattle so far?
I think I’m here at a funny time, because it’s all sunny and everyone’s happy. It seems like such a happy place.

Summer’s a good time to be here, as long as you don’t think it’s always like this. Is there anything you think you’ll miss when you go back to Virginia?
The general friendliness of the Pacific Northwest, and the water everywhere.

You’re a drama major. What was your favorite role ever?
Last year, I did a show in Richmond called, “From Up Here,” about a kid who brings a gun to school. I played his mom in that show.

If you could play any role, ever, on Broadway, what would it be?
I love the show “A Little Night Music,” so I guess the role of Charlotte would be a dream role of mine.

Are you staying on the Hill?
I’m staying in Queen Anne.

At the risk of sounding like your parents, in an ideal world, how do you see your future in the theater world?
I still want to keep acting, but I’d like to run a theater or be on the artistic side of a theater.

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