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East Precinct cops bust devil-horned suspect thanks to TV tip

East Precinct officers swooped in on a 13th Ave E apartment building Tuesday night following a report that wanted fugitive Joshua Laning had been spotted by somebody who recognized the convicted serial burglar from the Washington’s Most Wanted television program.

Laning, 36, is easily identifiable thanks to a rather unique set of devil’s horn tattoos on his head. He is currently wanted on a Department of Corrections felony escape warrant, according to the Most Wanted site.

SPD took the suspect into custody just before 9 PM after a tip that a man matching Laning’s appearance was inside the apartment building on 13th Ave E not far from Cal Anderson Park.

Meanwhile, in other tales of Capitol Hill burglary woes, a resident recently victimized by a burglary near the park called police to Cal Anderson Tuesday night where he said he spotted a woman selling some of his recently stolen property. There are no details yet on any arrests related to this incident.

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7 years ago

It’s remarkable that conservatives often harbor prejudice against tattoos and other body mods, particularly facial tattoos. Any good fascist state would require them.

7 years ago
Reply to  Bryan

Actually, this story has little to do with tattoos, body mods, conservatives or fascist states. It has everything to do with keeping a known felon from burglarizing more Capitol Hill apartments. The fact that he is easily identifiable, is his own fault. If he had ice cream cones tattooed on his face and kept his hands off other peoples’ property, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all….