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Freddie Mercury gallery will show love for Queen(s) while giving back to Pride

Freddie Mercury as Queen Amidala... (Chuck Knigge w/ permission to CHS)

Freddie Mercury as Queen Amidala… (Chuck Knigge w/ permission to CHS)

It would be fitting if you arrived riding your bicycle next week on Pride Friday as St John’s Bar and Eatery will host a Freddie Mercury art gallery paying tribute to Pride, and Queen(s).

Working on the project for nine months, Northwest Artist Chuck Knigge will unveil his exhibit ‘Long Live Queen Freddie!’ on Capitol Hill June 28 at a St John’s Bar reception running from 7 – 10pm. The series of Mercury portraits are obviously Queen inspired, but not in the way you’re thinking.

“The entire series is made up of portraits of Freddie Mercury as famous queens. Some historical, like Queen Elizabeth I and Nefertiti. Some from pop culture, like Queen Amidala and Queen Latifah,” Knigge said. Previously a comic book artist, he tells CHS the gallery will show light “11 oil paintings, a few mixed media drawings, 1 print, and 2 posters.”

The mustachioed artworks will stay at St John’s Bar from June 28 to July 12 when Knigge takes his queen’s to Tacoma for the city’s annual pride event. The gallery can be viewed from 2pm – 2am during it’s stay on the Hill. If you just have to own one, the works will run from $10 to a high end of $2000 with canvas spreads from oil paintings to screen prints.

And as Queen Latifah

And as Queen Latifah

“The paintings will be for sale from roughly $400-$2000. There will be some smaller options, such as the drawings, a print, and posters ranging from $10-$60,” Knigge tells us. But if you are just a poor boy from a poor family, Knigge has your back. “There will also be a payment plan option for those looking to buy a larger piece.” The artist isn’t pocketing all of the money either, and plans to give a portion of his art sales back to the LGBTQ community.

Knigge says he will be “donating 5% of profits to the Human Rights Campaign,” and is looking into “some smaller, more local organizations, as possible alternatives.” The artist adds, “The Ghost Gallery will also be donating 5%.” If you’re walking around the Hill Friday night, and see someone bike by singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ you know why.

If you want more from this local artist, you can check out Knigge on Facebook, and also follow the event page.

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[…] Freddie Mercury gallery will show love for Queen(s) while giving back to Pride […]


[…] Freddie Mercury gallery will show love for Queen(s) while giving back to Pride at St. John’s Bar (719 E Pike), 7 – 10p. […]