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SPD report detailing Car2Go vs. pedestrian collision released

The June 9th collision involving a Car2Go vehicle and a pedestrian at 12th and Pine generated a lot of attention on CHS.

David Daley, who was struck by the vehicle as he crossed the intersection a little after midnight on that Sunday morning, suffered serious injuries and a pledge drive continues to help raise funds to aid his recovery. Daley told us he is “slowly recovering” and “spending a lot of time surrounded by close friends and family” earlier this week.

The incident also sparked debate over car services like Car2Go and pedestrian safety in the neighborhood. Below, we’ve included the report from the SPD officer who contacted witnesses and investigated the scene. SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad detectives did not respond to the incident so there will be no further official inquiry. SPD found that witnesses reported Daley had darted into the street against a “don’t walk” sign directly into the path of the driver’s vehicle before the driver could stop. Additional findings are below.Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 3.47.50 PM

In sharing the report, we hope to shed light without stoking the fires of blame and anger that come out in “car vs. pedestrian” conversations. We know that’s a big challenge. Sharing the results of the investigation is a rare opportunity for us to provide specifics in this kind of incident. We will be vigilant to keep the resulting conversation as useful and productive as possible.

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16 thoughts on “SPD report detailing Car2Go vs. pedestrian collision released

  1. Wow… reading the comments on the original story is a sobering experience after reading this police report. It’s official: humans are biased and aggressive creatures who need only a very small push to pass incorrect judgement.

  2. Wow. Everyone still armed with pitchforks and torches at the Car2Go headquarters? Or has it been burned down already? Ha! Let’s recap on at least two comments on the last posting, shall we?

    Jeremy Mastroianni – on June 11, 2013 – 7:25 am said: “What you said is fine and all, however when the person who gets hit is your brother (as David is mine) your view of this may change. These programs are dangerous when they just let anyone with a license get behind the wheel with no training in a new car. See, you down play it by saying “sure they could use a refresher course” Yes they could, because some one almost killed a pedestrian! That is not a simple, forgot the blinker, mistake. This guy almost killed my brother. Granted I feel bad for him and I am sure it was a mistake. However people need to realize that driving a vehicle is a great responsibility and you hold many peoples lives in your hands whilst doing so. Simple mistakes can cost lives and devastate family’s. Get well David! and Drivers of all cars, up your game and pay attention!”


    Kristen Hosey – on June 12, 2013 – 5:16 pm said: “I totally agree with Jeremy. David Daley is my son. If it was your son you would think differently. People née d to just pay attention when they get behind the wheel.”

    • Enough. Move the conversation forward. If you have a new point, share it. There’s no need to attack people close to David who were hurt and angry about what happened.

      • “Enough” she says. Good heavens! Sharing two comments, verbatim, from two people who irresponsibly posted and blamed the driver? That’s a personal attack? And people who are hurt and angry are allowed to say anything they want? Right. Okay. Carry on folks! Nothing to see here! Look both ways before posting on!

      • Yes. They know they were wrong, anyone reading this report can see they were wrong. You simply sound like a jerk to further rub tat in. No one deserves to be attacked while they are dealing with a seriously injured loved one. Have some fucking empathy. Accidents happen, people.

      • Okay, okay! Relax everyone! Just clearing it up! A seriously injured loved ones’ family is allowed to say anything they want on a popular website, even if it’s false and appears to falsely blames others and leads people to believe their loved one wasn’t at fault. And accidents happen. And I’m a jerk. I follow now.

        I will say this. Thankfully it was a smaller piece of crap Car2Go car and not a delivery van or SUV.

      • I am with SeattleYogurt on this one….he (or she) did not attack anyone…simply was making the point that sometimes people, related or not, make unfounded and inaccurate statements….as the victim’s brother certainly did…he was clearly trying to blame the motorist, before the facts were in. Now that they are, obviously the motorist was blameless.

      • I agree with you as well. When I was reading the original article it took a lot for me not to comment on how absurd their statements were, but I refrained. I’m happy that you brought this up and in no way have you attacked anyone. If anything they were being “jerks” for getting down on anyone who disagreed with their baseless arguments.

  3. The directions of travel in the report seem off, but if I’m reading it right (I even drew a little map!) it sounds like the Car2Go driver might have been going a bit too fast, given that he saw the pedestrian enter the crosswalk against the light, but overall this looks like a pretty good lesson in not darting into traffic.
    I hope the pedestrian recovers swiftly.

      • I have no way of knowing pedestrians shouldn’t dart into the crosswalk against the light? Pretty sure I do.
        If you’re saying I have no way of knowing if the driver was going too fast, you’re right. That’s why I said “like” and “might.” I never claimed to be certain.

      • Read the police report, Kerry…it says the motorist was going at an estimated 25 MPH…this was the motorist’s estimate, but still…

      • Also in the police report…it was an unidentified witness (W) who observed the victim cross against the “don’t walk” signal….not the motorist.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the ped, and congrats the driver for vindication. Has to suck bad enough hitting a ped in this manner — only to read the anonymous pitchfork brigade condemning your guilt. Here’s hoping the driver is doing alright these days too.

  5. What a traumatic situation for everybody involved. I’m glad that the pedestrian’s condition is improving and I hope he eventually makes a full recovery. Just another reminder that everybody needs to watch out for each other, whether you are walking, driving or riding a bike.