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Capitol Hill Car2Go driver police say hit biker charged with hit and run

A criminal complaint has been filed against the driver arrested by police following an alleged Car2Go hit and run at Bellevue and E Olive St in March.

Nathan David Head faces a misdemeanor charge of hit and run of a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Police say Head was arrested after witnesses identified the 28-year-old Capitol Hill resident as the driver of a Car2Go Smart Car that had struck a bicyclist at Bellevue and E Olive St on the night of Saturday, March 30th. Police say they tracked Head to his Summit Ave with the help of Car2Go:

On listed date and time, the following incident was witnessed by SEVERAL witnesses. A/Head was driving WA#AKN2775 (a Car2Go SmartCar) South-bound on Bellevue Ave. Victim was riding his bicycle North-bound on Bellevue Ave. Both A/Head and Victim were approaching E Olive St. At E Olive St, as Victim began riding across the intersection, A/Head began turning left (East-bound) onto E Olive St. A/Head did not yield to Victim and struck Victim with WA#AKN2775. Witnesses stated that Victim was knocked off of his/her bicycle and flew into the air as a result of the collision with WA#AKN2775. A/Head stopped WA#AKN2775 in the immediate area, exited the vehicle, and contacted Victim now laying on the ground. According to Witnesses, A/Head asked Victim if he/she was O.K.. A/Head then saw all of the Witnesses approaching the scene. One witness stated that A/Head then “…freaked out…”. A/Head made a comment about moving/parking WA#AKN2775 and returning to the scene. A/Head then drove away East-bound on E Olive St and then South-bound on Summit Ave. A/Head did not return to the scene. Officers were able to contact Car2Go and determine that WA#AKN2775 had been contracted/rented to A/Head, as well as A/Head’s address. When I contacted A/Head at his residence, A/Head confirmed that he had been driving WA#AKN2775. Specifically, A/Head told me that he had been the ONLY ONE DRIVING WA#AKN2775. A/Head stated that he was returning to his residence and was driving South-bound  on Bellevue Ave. A/Head stated that he continued South on Bellevue Ave until he reached E Pine St, where he turned left (East-bound). A/Head stated that he was not involved in a collision. However, when I brought two of the Witnesses to A/Head’s location for a show-up, both Witnesses POSITIVELY  IDENTIFIED A/Head as the driver who had struck, and then contacted, Victim. A/Head was arrested for the Hit&Run Pedestrian/Bicyclist injured. Victim  sustained significant lacerations to his/her left shin and complained of significant pain to his/her left hip. After A/Head was arrested, Car2Go located WA#AKN2775 parked a short distance away from A/Head’s address. Car2Go confirmed that WA#AKN2775 was still actively contracted/rented to A/Head – that his rental contract had not been closed out yet. Car2Go also found fresh damage to the front end of WA#AKN2775, consistent with striking a  bicycle/bicyclist. At the time of this report, A/Head still denies colliding with/striking Victim or any bicycle.

A pretrial hearing on the incident is scheduled for later this month.

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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Car2Go driver police say hit biker charged with hit and run

    • Serious, who lies about a hitting someone? Especially when you know there were witnesses and you’re driving a rental car? What a freaking moron.

  1. It took me a few tries to parse this title. (Also it’s weird how the report excerpt first refers to the cyclist as male, then switches to the horribly painful he/she his/her whateverness…)

    I wonder if this guy was just yet another painfully-clueless Seattle driver who honestly DID NOT KNOW that he’d hit the cyclist. Drivers around here seem to always be in a casual “whatevs” fog and just think that everyone should be as casual as they are about everything. Doesn’t matter where the turn lanes are or which way this one-way street goes, it’s all cool, no worries. Ugh.

    • Read the article, he got out of the car after the accident and “contacted” the victim. Before getting back in the car and driving away.

    • The “he/she” part is from the police report. It’s probably written in non gender-specific language to avoid divulging the gender of the victim. Looks like the officer slipped up in the first mention of the victim.

  2. What shocks me is that a hit-and-run against a bicyclist or a pedestrian could be charged as only a misdemeanor. Hit-and-run endangers lives. A car is a deadly vehicle. This should have been a felony!