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King’s Teriyaki Broadway is dead

IMG_8838Not all Broadway “limited service” restaurants are created equal. Occasionally, one rises above, crowned, if you will. The reign of King’s Teriyaki, royalty of Broadway cheap eats, came to a quiet end earlier this month.

CHS has not been able to reach owners Dong and Yun Lee to find out more about their decision to close the exactly-what-you-would-expect teriyaki joint much appreciated by cost conscious Seattle Central students and construction workers from the multitude of projects underway in the area. The end came on a recent Friday night as the space beneath the Ma family’s Capitol Crest apartments was hurriedly emptied. No goodbye signs were posted and King’s wasn’t the kind of place that maintained a social media presence. The closure leaves Teriyaki & Wok — and its reportedly developer-coveted lot adjacent the still-empty Broadway Grill — as the only teriyaki provider in this central stretch of Broadway.

The restaurant space across from the bustle of the Capitol Hill Station construction site stands unused as does the emptied home of Peet’s Coffee in the same building. There are no signs, yet, of a new tenant. The empty tenancy sandwich surrounds long-timer Annapurna Cafe. CHS got a few tips that the beloved purveyor of Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian cuisine was shutting down but those turned out to be people confused by the King’s clearance. The ownership of Annapurna tell us the Broadway restaurant is still going strong after 11 years. You can stop in for cocktails these days at the Yeti Bar along with the dal bhat. You can learn more at

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9 thoughts on “King’s Teriyaki Broadway is dead

  1. Dang, one of the few places left on the Hill for decent, healthy, cheap teriyaki take-out.

    Thanks for the update – I wondered what had happened when I walked by last week and saw what appeared to be the entire stove unit laying in the front dining area – thought there might have been a fire or something.

  2. So sad, the lady was always so nice welcoming.
    Now there’s another big empty lot to add to the depressing state of Broadway.
    The hell.

  3. Anyone looking for great, affordable teriyaki should run around the corner to Olive Way. Chop Sticks is great! And the people there are just as lovely:)

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