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Man shot as gunfire erupts in Pike/Pine

(Image: CHS)

Detectives work the scene on 10th Ave (Image: CHS)

One person was arrested with a gun fleeing through Cal Anderson Park following an early Sunday morning shooting on 10th Ave that sent one victim to Harborview with life-threatening injuries.

Police and medics rushed to the scene in front of the Oddfellows Cafe and Rancho Bravo just after 3 AM to a report of a male with gunshot wounds to his abdomen.

Witnesses reported hearing three to four pops in the area where the shooting occurred and told police about multiple possible suspects fleeing in different directions from the scene.

As of 4:30 AM, the victim remained in surgery at Harborview, according to police radio dispatches.

The suspect chased down after he fled from the park was stopped by police just west of Cal Anderson. A witness to the shooting said the man in police custody was the shooter, according to police radio dispatches.

Seattle Police CSI and homicide detectives taped-off the 10th Ave and collected evidence from the crime scene where the white Cadillac sedan involved in the incident still sat, its door swung open near a pile of clothes cut from the bleeding victim lying on the pavement.

UPDATE: Here is the preliminary report from SPD–

Detectives are investigating an early morning shooting that occurred in the 1500 Block of 10th Avenue. A man was shot several times and officers arrested the suspect and recovered a handgun.

Just after 3:00 this morning, several calls came into 911 stating there had been a shooting and a person was down on the ground at 10th and East Pine. As officers were responding, an update stated that a possible suspect was running northbound through Cal Anderson Park. Officers arrived and saw the suspect, and he was taken into custody. He had a gun in his possession.

At the scene, officers located the victim. He had life-threatening gunshot wounds and was transported to Harborview Medical Center by Seattle Fire medics.

Detectives from the Homicide and Assault Unit, and CSI responded and began their investigation. At the time of this post, the victim is still at the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


UPDATE 7/15/2013 8:55 AM: With the victim in Sunday’s shooting now recovering following hours of surgery, CHS has learned more about the suspect arrested by police as he fled through Cal Anderson park following the incident.

According to court records, the suspect is a 19-year-old South Seattle resident with a criminal record but nothing on par with Sunday’s shooting. He was released from jail this spring after being hauled in for investigation of robbery. No charges were brought in that case.

The suspect remains jailed as prosecutors weigh this latest case.

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56 thoughts on “Man shot as gunfire erupts in Pike/Pine

      • What? I thought gang members were of ALL races and that is the basis upon which they banded together to form gangs. Your post is out of line.

      • The guy never mentioned race…why are you assuming gangbanger means black. Who’s the dick now? Dont be so sensitive, grow up.

      • BTW: 1) The guy never said anything about race in his post.
        2) That Cadillac is NOT from the late 90s. It is a post-2000 model. They stopped making that grill in 2005, but the same basic model was made until 2012. I am as white as can be and I have one just like it.

      • If the original poster hadn’t put his picture with his post, these people wouldn’t have had anything to say. I second the “grow up” sentiment.

    • BTW: 1) The guy never said anything about race in his post. Why do you assume gangbangers are from any particular race?
      2) That Cadillac is NOT from the late 90s. It is a post-2000 model. They stopped making that grill in 2005, but the same basic model was made until 2012. I am as white as can be and I have one just like it. Most people I know who have Cadillacs are white. I have never owned or fired a gun and have never been in a gang.

    • It’s so easy to make the racism charge, and sometimes unwarranted. The fact is that “FirstHill’s” comment is a pretty good assumption, and will probably turn out to be accurate.

  1. I suppose drugs were involved..this kind of violence is happening all over CapHill. The police must be so busy right now. I feel for them, there is so much to do. Bless all involved, I hope your life changes after this.

    • My first thought was, “Come on, that’s ridiculous”. Then, I thought about it for a second longer. That’s not such a bad idea, really. I don’t have any idea how to go about looking into something like that though. Anybody?

    • We already have. It’s called our tax dollars and the rent-a-cop is called the SPD. Luckily it sounds like the cops where already pretty close.

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  3. 3:00am? What was all of the shooting and sirens around 11:30/11:45pm then? There were definitely more than 3-4 shots at that hour…closer to 10 I’d say. Did anyone else hear those?

    • I definitely heard them! And then a lot of sirens like 10-15 minutes later. I can’t find any info about them, so weird. They really sounded like a whole lot of gun shots. I live on 17th and Madison, and they were loud but still far off from here, like maybe by a few blocks.

    • Yeah, I head around 10 of the shots. I’m down near Thomas and Bellevue, so they were just really loud pops and I didn’t think it was actually gunfire. There were about 4 within a minute or so, a bit of a pause, and then around 5 or 6 more a little spaced out. One of them (the fourth?) sounded a bit further away than the others.

      • Ya, that sounds like what I heard. I first questioned if it was gunfire because there were so many, but then I heard a lot of sirens shortly after, so I’m assuming it was. What else could it have been?

      • I didn’t hear the sirens which is another reason I thought it wasn’t gunfire, but I must have drifted back to sleep before they started. I work at Harborview, so I have long learned to tune them out.

      • I thought it was fire know the left overs. I live above walgreens, so yeah I thought it was fireworks. No need in blaming this on gang-members it is society period. I agree on starting a CapHill fund to hire security for this corner.. Pike, Broadway and Pine. Right where they also keep having drug over doses.

        Did anyone hear about the guy that got beat up by 5 guys the other night? Brutal

      • I was at Bellevue and Harrison @ 3am, I heard all those loud pops too, but I think those were fireworks. I could hear the kids laughing as they went off. Very annoying and inconsiderate.

      • Belmont & Republican checking in. I kept hearing loud booms throughout the night, spaced out just evenly enough so I’d fall asleep and then get woken up again. I was tempted to call in a noise violation, but it’s hard to pinpoint where firecrackers are coming from.

      • I heard that as well around E Olive Way and Boylston but this was just before 3am. Wasn’t sure if it was gunfire or fireworks.

      • The fireworks are still being set off over in Summit/Olive area. I didn’t make note of the time since we ignore it mostly, but that sounds about right.

    • I live near Pony and heard those too, but wondered it if was someone shooting off personal fireworks. I can’t imagine someone would shoot off as many rounds as were heard without some police mention.

  4. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to let Elliot Bay Book Co. come to the Hill. It’s been getting worse ever since. Those books only put ideas in people’s heads.

  5. I never thought Id say this, but I am actually happy to be moving out Seattle & off of Cap Hill. This city is going downhill.

    • It is sad. I moved last year to loc’d out samammish after being on the hill a long long time. I did hear a bear in my backyard today, that’s all the excitement we have around here.

      It’s a shame, I really wish there was an easy answer, but the bar crowd that pike/pine became also pulls a seedier element with it, same thing with Belltown in the 90’s. At least we can look forward to becoming the new Belltown in 10 years when the vibe finds another place in the city to call home.

  6. This shooting and other shootings as well as the increasing intensity of tagging across our lovely Hill is simply UNACCEPTABLE. Myself and my fellow Hill-izens need to start making our voice very, very loud to the people that we hired to protect and govern us that we need change, whatever that might be. It is not a simple problem of this I am certain but let’s collectively agree and make our voices heard that this is not ACCEPTABLE and we demand correction.

    • Maybe we need a neighborhood watch. Oh wait, last time anyone tried to do that they got accused of racism and were tied up in trial for three years and vilified by the press.

    • I feel that these things would happen even if a cop had been standing right there. Everyone knows that capitol hill on weekends has a alcohol/drug appetite, and people come to our neighborhood due to our relaxed attitudes towards these things. Shooting someone on a well lit street, in one of Seattle most well patrolled (both police and citizen), and expensive neighborhoods, is not a choice that a level headed individual makes. While we want to be liberal towards the personal choice of drug use, it is leading to violence in our neighborhood. I don’t think I have an answer but this tough question should be addressed.

  7. I am curious as to the prevalence of violence so close to the East Precinct. Are thugs intentionally staging violent events as a dare or an effort to taunt the police? I KNOW that Cal Anderson Park encourages a lot of what has happened lately but it just seems so incredibly stupid of these guys to shoot and stab people so close to a police station.

  8. I heard those pops around 11:30-11:45 too. They sounded like they were right outside my apt. I live on Harvard between E. John and Thomas. I heard a bunch of yelling and the pops. I wanted to believe they were those party popper things, but my gut told me it was gunshots. Where’s Phoenix Jones and his group? Get them on the hill.

  9. I’m moving off the hill at the end of the month. too much violence. I agree that the hill has become a destination and is pulling in a seedier element. its sad because I love living in a gay neighborhood. things are changing and not for the good.

  10. I am getting really confused at people’s comments about how the hill is “going to shit.” I have lived on Capitol Hill for 10 years, since 2003. I don’t have the exact crime statistics and I am not going to look them up this second, but I feel like people have an overly rosy view of the past. Do you remember what the area that is now Cal Anderson park was like in 2003? REALLY CREEPO. It was a total no man’s land. Walking around the hill at night was totally desolate and lots of my friends were assaulted/mugged and when I went out I always kept the keys between the fingers of one hand and my other hand wrapped around my cell phone. I think a LOT of things about Capitol Hill have changed over the past 10 years, some (a lot) for the worse and some for the better. But the hill’s transformation from a crime free utopia to a crime ridden den of iniquity is the stuff of fiction and nostalgia.