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2013 version of ‘new best weekend ever on Capitol Hill’ less busy, still pretty fun

Getting lucky at the Melrose Market festival in 2012 (Image: CHS)

Getting lucky at the Melrose Market festival in 2012 (Image: CHS)

Last year, we called the second-to-last August weekend on Capitol Hill the new best weekend ever. While we’re lacking a few of the elements like the Vibrations festival that made 2012’s penultimate August weekend on the Hill such a pile of fun, there is still plenty to do this time around. Details of the upcoming fun below — plus more on the CHS Calendar.

Sunday brings what organizers are calling the second annual Melrose Market Street Festival — though CHS was there in 2010! Here’s what you’ll find in 2013:

Melrose Market 2nd Annual Street Festival
When: Sunday, August 25th, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: Block of Melrose Ave between Pike and Pike streets
What: Food, music, and fun times to celebrate the Melrose Market and neighbors. No admission fee, family friendly, daytime event.
We are proud to announce the second annual Melrose Market Street Festival for 2013 scheduled on Sunday, August 25th, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Join us for an afternoon of family-friendly fun, food, and music to celebrate the thriving businesses of Melrose Market and our neighbors. A variety of delicious plates will be served outdoors by restaurants Sitka & Spruce, Terra Plata, and Mamnoonas well as oysters from Taylor Shellfish, sausage from Rainshadow Meats, cheese delights from The Calf & Kid, and sandwich goodness available at Homegrown.
This year’s beer garden benefits local youth heroes Teen Feed, serving up beer from the generous folks at Hilliard’s. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available along with wine and cocktails indoors at Bar Ferdinand. Be sure to visit the shops in the Melrose Market, including flowers and gifts from Marigold & Mint and everything awesome from Butter Home.
Music performed by up-and-coming local bands The Sebastians of Bremen, No Touching, Lonely Mountain Lovers, and Nu Klezmer Army.
The scene in 2011 (Image: CHS)

The scene in 2011 (Image: CHS)


A Bike-In past (Image: CHS)

A Bike-In past (Image: CHS)

The Northwest Film Forum’s annual celebration of bike+cinema returns to Cal Anderson Saturday:

Named as one of the reasons that Pike/Pine is considered “Top 12 Art Places in America,” the Seattle Bike-In has become a staple of the summer outdoor movie calendar. This 8th annual celebration of green transportation, our urban community and summer nights encourages you to grab your bike and grab your friends for our annual event in Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill! The event includes live music and DJs, film and a fair from local cycling organizations and merchants.

This year’s program features:

>> a screening of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure a 1985 comedy classic by Tim Burton about Pee-Wee’s search for a stolen bicycle, with a remixed soundtrack (including new music, sound effects and live DJing) by Jon Francois (DUG) & Eardrumz (Stop Biting).

>> A live set from Tacoma post rock band Lo’ There Do I See My Brother Listen to some tunes from their album With Eyes Open, We Fall On Our Swords:

Bike Fair!

Screening: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
Featuring a special Movie Night presentation with DeeJays Jon Francois (DUG) and Eardrumz (Stop Biting).

Pee-Wee remixed: the DJs will masterfully replace almost the entire soundtrack (including music, sound effects and dialogue) of the film, live, using vinyl records!

In addition to the Bike-In, you can catch Friday night’s Sustainable Food Systems Potluck in Cal Anderson and a Capitol Hill Sustainability Walk on Saturday.

The 2013 outdoor movie season on Capitol Hill transitions to Volunteer Park this week for the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s film series. Gamera 3: The Awakening of Iris shows promise: “A young girl bent on revenge bonds psychically with the monster Iris, who challenges Gamera, the fire-breathing giant turtle. How much of Kyoto will remain standing?”

Seattle Asian Art Museum’s Monster Attack! Japanese Creature Feature Classics
Bring a blanket! This film is projected outdoors at the Volunteer Park Amphitheater (in case of rain, we will move into the Seattle Asian Art Museum Auditorium).
8:45–11 pm in the Volunteer Park Amphitheater
Free and open to the public.

Almost forgot… Linda’s Fest is Saturday:


On Saturday, August 24th from 5 to 10pm, Linda’s Tavern proudly presents our Fourth Annual Linda’s Fest! It’s been a hot summer, but we’re about to set this mothertrucker ABLAZE with a monstrous FREE rock party in the sickest of locations: the parking lot behind Pine Food Market. There’ll be killer food and drink specials along with our regular menu and even though the festivities will be from 5 to 10 pm, if you wanna stick around for a few more beers, we won’t tell your mom.

Here’s what we’ve got planned:


Everything dies, and unfortunately punishing rock bands are not immune to the dark call of eternity. Linda’sFest will be the FINAL SHOW for Absolute Monarchs and we are honored to host their last chimerical explosion of sound. Imagine Queens of the Stone Age and Drive like Jehu mixed together in a red keg cup spilling all over your tattered hi-tops. Equally pummeling, triumphant and beautiful, we can’t wait to send the Absolute Monarchs’ flaming rock and roll ship to Valhalla.


As a self-described “Caveman Goth” band, Constant Lovers are a dark, rhythmic battering ram set on releasing the floodgates of your adrenaline and squeezing your endorphins dry. They are the sonic equivalent of when your buddy gives you a pot brownie and even though he told you to only eat half of it, you ignore his warnings and crush the whole thing. Your heart beats faster, your senses are enhanced, and everything becomes both mesmerizing and terrifying all at once. Just like the pot brownie, after seeing Constant Lovers, you should give yourself at least an eight-hour window to recover before making dinner plans with your parents.


Like a genre-spanning Wu Tang Clan of heavy hitters in the Seattle Music scene, Tilson XOXO formed like Voltron, with Tilson and Thomas as the head. Their debut show at this year’s Sasquatch Festival showcased their eclectic blend of all music that has ever been created in the history of time and the universe. Featuring members of Saturday Knights, Wild Orchid Children, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, SHiPS, The Lashes and every other killer band ever, Tilson XOXO is a musical buffet for your ears with unlimited dessert.


Katie Kate is the Fernet Branca of hip hop. She has no peer, and much like the curious liquor, her tunes are a wildly awesome smack to all of your senses. Fresh off Capitol Hill Block Party and a Stranger Genius Awards nomination, Katie Kate is set to take over this town. She is the Alpha and the Omega. She is the beginning and the end.


Big Eyes are a punk rock piñata, exploding a scattershot of radness all over your party. Jagged pieces of punk rock riffs will hit you in the face and you will love it. Candy-like power pop hooks will litter the pavement while you and your friends dive to the ground grabbing whatever you can, completely overtaken by a feral urge to take home as much Big Eyes as your avaricious hands can hold. If you’re gonna get greedy, take everything.


Now that James Brown is live at the Apollo in the sky, Iska Dhaaf is officially hardest working band is show business. These two dudes take multi-instrumentalism to new heights, creating sounds and textures that six-piece bands never could. More impressive than their Vishnu-like dexterity of instrument swapping is their songwriting: Ominous, alluring, and beautiful, but mostly just fucking awesome.

In addition to all this insanity, DJ MARCO COLLINS will be spinning only the most RIPPING jams between bands (and he always delivers).

Linda’s Fest will GO OFF in the Linda’s Tavern back parking lot, but that doesn’t mean your friend who lives on Olive won’t have his face melted via astral projection. Linda’s Fest is a Nice Place for Nice People, that’s why you’re invited.

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