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CHS Crow | Nikki, Dan and Mollie — ‘My commute from Greenwood is killing me’

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.07.28 PMThis week, the crow learned that there’s still time for vacation. What did you learn?

  NIKKI, 28

Nikki 1What are you up to this evening?
I’m sweating my tits off behind the bar (at Tin Table). There’s this thing called “swamp ass,” and I have a case of “swamp boobs.” I think I’m gonna lose a cup size tonight!

What was the hardest order you had tonight?
Two mojitos.

Do those take a long time to make?
Only because I’m a perfectionist, so I like to do them right. It takes a while to crush the ice, and pick out the best leaves of mint to make it look good.

What do you think is the sexiest drink?
Whatever drink you’re having with a friend.

Are there any cocktails you especially love to make?
Mostly I like making things that make people happy.

You’re in the right line of work!
Yeah. Sometimes I like to play games, like, “Give me a color and an emotion, and I’ll give you a drink.”

Can you give me an example?
Earlier tonight, someone said, “teal, and relief.” I made a Mezcal cocktail that cured what ailed him.

Okay, if I said, “burgundy and Weltschmerz,” what would you make me?

You know…the sad pain, tinged with longing, that is the inevitable bi-product of living in this world?
The first thing that comes to mind is a Blood and Sand, a delicious cocktail with scotch and sweet vermouth, which you could make with a touch of German Amaro. I like to go off the top of my head and let the bottles inspire me.

That’s brilliant. You make me want to be overcome with Weltshmerz. Where are you from originally?

What brought you to Seattle?
My car—but not in the way you might think. I wrecked my car one day when I was 18 and working at a gas station and as a babysitter, and I was worried that I would be stuck in Texas forever. So I went to Goodwill and bought some suitcases and took a bus to Vegas, and stayed on a friend’s couch for a few weeks. But it was too goddam hot in Vegas, so I put a bunch of city names in a hat, and drew out Seattle. But most of my city names were along the West Coast. I started in L.A., then went to Portland and then here. If I had picked San Diego, I never would’ve made it here, because that place is beautiful.

Do you live on the Hill?
I’m moving to the Hill in October, hopefully. My commute from Greenwood is killing me.

Other than here, do you have any favorite hangouts on the Hill?
I love Liberty—great cocktails, and a tremendous selection. Canon is another one—I go there when I’m craving some good absinthe. A guilty pleasure place is John John’s. Or the Unicorn.

  DAN, 29 (“soon to be 30”)

Dan 2Do you have any plans for your 30th birthday?
I’m thinking multiple parties. I have a lot of different groups of friends, contrary to the geek fallacy, but I don’t think they should all be in the same room together.

Because they wouldn’t get along?
Not because of that. I think I mostly just want multiple parties. A lot of my friends are like different parts of my brain, but they coexist.

Is your life at almost-30 what you imagined it would be, say, ten years ago?
Not at all, but I’m liking it!

How is it different?
Dating’s a whole lot better. I found a professional love I didn’t know I would have; I’m really into event planning, and I didn’t find that out until my first full-time job as a training coordinator.

Do you do event planning full-time?
No, that’s my moonlighting job. I work as a program assistant at a local nonprofit.

Are you a Seattle native?
Yes. And I’m one of the few Seattle natives who doesn’t drink coffee. I just don’t like the smell.

When you’re not working or planning events, what sorts of things do you get up to in your free time?
I like to boulder, I like to work on dancing—I’ve done break dancing, blues dancing, swing…Basically, I like to do things that look fun and are fun to do.

Do you live on the Hill?
I do. I live in a super convenient location up by Group Health. And I live by myself, which is lucky. I used to have roommates; I’m happy I don’t have them anymore. I like having my own space, so I can have friends over for dinner and work on my hobbies, things like that.

If there’s anything you could change about the Hill, what would it be?
Better bubble tea.

What do you think is the best kind of bubble tea?
My two favorites are churro and mint–separately. I like the ones that aren’t too grainy or too sweet. Also, good soy milk, because I’m lactose intolerant. I like the more exotic kind of Asian flavors like brown rice and other flavors that aren’t too fruity. Fruity bubble tea is basically just a smoothie.

Any favorite hangouts on the Hill?
Rock Box, Cal Anderson Park, Volunteer Park, my apartment…

Since you mentioned Rock Box, what’s your favorite karaoke song?
“Separate Ways” by Journey.

  MOLLIE, 33

Mollie 1What are you up to tonight?
I’m hanging out with some friends, chillin’.

What line of work are you in?
I’m a therapist.

So, are you going to ask me how I feel about this interview?
Probably not, because I work with kids.

What drew you to this line of work?
I kind of fell into it. I didn’t expect that I would be a therapist. My mom’s a therapist, and as a pissed-off youth, I told my mom she couldn’t “therapize” me. Then, in my 20s, I decided to go to graduate school and become a therapist.

As a second-generation therapist, do you feel like you channel your mother in your professional interactions?
Often! I have to catch myself from doing some of my mom-isms sometimes.

What’s the hardest thing about working with kids?
The adults around them, frankly. I love working with kids, but it’s frustrating when the adults and parents are unwilling to change their behavior because it’s affecting their kids’ behavior.

When you’re not therapizing, what do you like to do for fun?
I garden, and I pickle. This weekend, I’m going to do about 200 jars of pickles.

Wow. You’re not f*%king around.
I order cucumbers from the Amish folks in Eastern Washington, near my parents’ place. They pick them at four in the morning and I pick them up at eight in the morning, and they’re organic and delicious. You order them, and they’ll even deliver–beans and green beans and carrots and cukes.

Which batch of pickles came out the best this year?
Probably my cukes. I found this special secret recipe that makes them extra, extra crunchy. Basically, you introduce calcium into the cells, and it helps the rind maintain the crunchiness.

Sounds a bit like Viagra for cucumbers.
Yeah, that way, they don’t get the “sad soft.”

Do you live on the Hill?
No, I live in lower Queen Anne.

What are some of your favorite places to go out on the Hill?
I go to the Merc sometimes, the Unicorn…I actually don’t go out on the Hill that much. I’m often down at Shorty’s. That’s sort of my spot.

Shorty’s—so, you must be a pinball fan?
Yes, I’m obsessed with pinball. My dad and I fix pinball machines together.

Do you have any other thoughts on live on the Hill, or life in general?
I am the luckiest person I know right now. My life is f*%ing amazing. And I feel really, really lucky.

Why is your life so amazing?
I’m surrounded by wonderful people, and I don’t have to try very hard to get good things to happen.

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