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CHS Pics | First in a series, Boxed Up installation unveiled on 15th Ave E


(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

The effort to transform a demolition-bound restaurant into an active art installation was unveiled Thursday night at 15th Ave E and E Mercer.

CHS wrote about the Storefronts Seattle project to transform the empty Indian restaurant here last week. The Greg Lewis-designed Boxed Up project was the first in a series of three installations planned as “a riff on the Surrealist exquisite corpse game.” According to Storefronts, “the series of three installations will build on each other for the duration of the Storefronts project and be removed or become part of the demolition of the building.”

“The Chutney’s building was originally constructed in 1941 as a filling station, it also served as a dry cleaner and several restaurants,” the invitation for Thursday night’s debut details. “In this final iteration the compiled form of the structure is wholly expressed while boxing up any useful function and memory.”

In addition to the installation, band Postcard from the Badlands entertained the crowd.

According to organizers, the next stages in the installation will appear in October and December before the building is demolished later in 2014.IMG_8428

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15 thoughts on “CHS Pics | First in a series, Boxed Up installation unveiled on 15th Ave E

    • I don’t think I agree, hiller. It’s fun and looks far better than a derelict building that will inevitably be tagged a million times before it’s finally razed and replaced.

      • I agree that it’s better than a derelict building, but it’s not attractive, nonetheless. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

    • It’s unfortunate that there is often such a long interval between when a building is closed/boarded up and when it is razed and redeveloped. I think especially of the old QFC site on Broadway (now Joule), where the interval was several years. I guess this is the time when further planning/permits etc is accomplished, but I have never understood why it takes so long.

  1. Is there any chance this would be open/available for a private party? Or heck, even a public one? I’d love to throw a show in that space. If it’s possible, could someone get in touch with me?

  2. Between the nails going in at this project and the aPodment construction 2 blocks West, I was going crazy. Glad this installation is complete. Not really a fan but better than a chain link fence and empty lot waiting for vandals and such.

  3. Greg,

    Congratulations on your “Surrealist exquisite corpse game!” I drove by Thurs, & it looked mighty impressive.

    You’re incredibly creative.

  4. Greg, this is an awesome undertaking and so reflective of your personality. I appreciate the simplicity of the concept yet intense labor required and the many layers of meaning there are to extract. E.g. it takes the “boarded up window” to an entirely new dimension. Please update me on the progression of this project.

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