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CHS Pics | New grocery market opens on First Hill — Also, labor rally today on Capitol Hill

IMG_0953As grocery workers across the region stage information pickets against some of the largest chain employers on the Puget Sound, a new type of smaller neighborhood grocery has opened on First Hill.

Stockbox First Hill debuted Wednesday at 9th and James. CHS profiled the business and beliefs behind the 2,000 square-foot market here earlier this summer:

Stockbox’s first store in the Seattle area opened in South Park in summer 2012. By November, it had already announced a slate of changes based on buying behavior and customer requests. The company continues to be involved with civic issues related to the availability of nutritious, affordable food in lower income and urban areas of the city.

Unlike E Madison’s Central Co-op, however, it does not appear that Stockbox employs union grocery workers — we’re confirming with company officials.

Beyond the labor issues at play in the city, First Hill residents seem happy for the local investment in a market with plans to bring high quality, healthy food and groceries into the neighborhood.

Labor Day comes early to Capitol Hill

Grocery workers picket Wednesday on 15th Ave E

Grocery workers picket Wednesday on 15th Ave E

A rally to support Thursday’s planned fast food worker walkouts will be held at the base of Capitol Hill this afternoon:

Support Striking Fast Food Workers
4 PM
Pike St & Boren Ave — Plymouth Pillars Park
On August 29th, Seattle fast food workers will join a national strike of low-wage workers, calling for better pay & the right to organize without retaliation. Join us.

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