First ever Seattle Gorilla Run starts on Capitol Hill

(Image: SoundersFC on Instagram)

(Image: SoundersFC on Instagram)

This weekend, the first home match of the Clint Dempsey era will have Sounders fan going, um, ape. And that’s about as much monkeying I can do to segue into a September event planned for Capitol Hill organized by Sounders supporter club Gorilla FC and involving many, many people running around Capitol Hill Kong style. Take it away Kevin:

My soccer crew is cosponsoring an event in September that I was hoping you could drum up some interest to.
This September 14 is the first annual Seattle Gorilla Run!
We are launching from Von Trapps, and it will have a 5k diameter all around Capitol Hill.  People register with a donation.  A gorilla suit is included in the registration fee.  They then stop at our partner locations all over the hill and get raffle tickets within the time limit, and return back to post party at Von Trapps.  The money raised is for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.
There will be a bunch of Gorilla suited peeps running around the Hill that day!
We are looking to really pump up the registration of this event, and get the community involved!

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