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Gunpoint phone robber strikes twice within minutes

As police responded to an armed robbery early Tuesday morning on First Hill another robbery featuring a suspect with a similar description was reported less than a mile away on Capitol Hill.

Police were first called to the 1300 block of Spring Tuesday around 12:40 AM where the victim described his armed attacker as a black male, 5′ 8″, 250 pounds with a shaved head and wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans.

Only minutes later, a couple called 911 to report being held up by a man with the same description at 14th and E Olive St.

No injuries were reported in either hold-up and the quarry both was the same — smart phones. The suspect reportedly leapt from bushy areas in both attacks. Police filled the area around the 14th and Olive hold-up and a K-9 unit tried unsuccessfully to pick up his trail. Police also believe the suspect may have stopped at the 15th/Denny 7-11 store at some point during his travels but were not yet able to access security video, according to police radio. An attempt to track one phone via a phone finder app also failed.

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8 thoughts on “Gunpoint phone robber strikes twice within minutes

  1. Agreed. Will a serious crackdown on violent street crime be high on the list of debate topics between McGinn and Murray? Doubt it. They’ll yammer on about sustainable this and mass transit that, and other progressive shibboleths while lawlessness inexorably increases.

  2. “and wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans.”

    Ok, you are using British spelling. Are you Canadian? Don’t you know we fixed all the Brits’ spelling mistakes? The name of the color (not colour) is gray not grey. ;D

  3. I saw a man matching the description on 15th and Pike around 10PM last night while taking my dog out. He was walking on the other side of the street then crossed towards me until some neighbors popped out of our apartment building. Though the description of him is vague, I got bad vibes.

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