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Hillebrity | Kat Larson

 Kat Larson – Artist


What is the most beloved memory you had at Bauhaus?
The first time I went to Bauhaus I was 14. American Dreaming, a song by Dead Can Dance, was blaring through the speakers as I posted myself upstairs in the then smoking section. I pulled out my sketchbook as I squinted my eyes to see through the limp smoke in the air at the paintings on the wall. I turned my head to glance out the window and I remember seeing the Space Needle and thinking it looked like a sea urchin ascending to heaven. I also remember feeling awkward and uncomfortable with my existential minutia. I wanted out of the suburbs, I wanted to be eighteen, I wanted something that I couldn’t put into words. Looking back, I think what I wanted was freedom. I wanted so badly to understand my purpose and to feel comfortable in my skin. I fumbled through my blue Jansport back pack for a pencil. I found a blank page and I began to draw.

I love and cherish this memory because it commenced my journey to define myself and take the long journey toward the within. Today, twenty years later, I feel the freedom I was looking for.

Kat Larson will be showing in the group exhibit Vigil : Inspired by Memory commemorating the Melrose and Pine block on Thursday, August 29th from 4pm – 2am at LoveCityLove.

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5 thoughts on “Hillebrity | Kat Larson

  1. Fantastic. That smoking loft, how we sneered at the uncool kids in nonsmoking below! I used to go up there and pretend to be writing all.the.time.

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