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Hillebrity | Kate Opatz

 Kate Opatz – Co-owner of Montana


What is the worst or weirdest drink a barfly has ordered from you?
First off, when I talk about the ‘worst’ drinks that get ordered at Montana, I generally just mean the sweetest, most hangover inducing, bizarre combinations of things. They very often involve Red Bull, the ordering of which always makes me grimace. But really, I love when someone asks for something strange that I’ve never heard of, especially if they know the recipe.

The other night a grown man ordered a Vegas bomb. He was a full-on, respectable-enough adult – it wasn’t his twenty-first birthday, it wasn’t an ironic gift for a friend, it was what sounded like a good idea to him. And it wasn’t his first one, because he responded to our looks of confusion with a recipe – equal parts crown royal and butterscotch schnapps dropped in a glass of Red Bull.

It was one of the highlights of my night, one of the many reasons bartending is never boring. Who knows, maybe we should have Vegas bombs on tap.

Montana is located at 1506 E Olive Way.

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8 thoughts on “Hillebrity | Kate Opatz

  1. I don’t understand why there would be looks of confusion over someone’s prefered drink order, but the same thing happens to me in the neighborhood quite often. Are the hipsters policing drink orders for appropriateness now? I don’t need my bartender inserting him/herself between me and my order. Just fill it professionally and courteously, please.

  2. Hillebrity is just what this news source needed to compete with all the big players. Without gossipy stupidity how can we feel confident that we’re getting all the facts?

    Seriously though, I hope you lose Hillebrity. It’s awkward and lame. Your sunday interviews were good enough.

      • Are you attempting to use sarcasm, or are we to believe that a too-cool hipster bartender in a bra is “culturally elite?” Capitol Hill is much more than transplant millennials getting drunk.

  3. For some reason, even though I live very close to Montana, I feel a little too old, and a little not cool enough to go in there. I’ll have to give it a try for early happy hour one of these days, when there’s a little breathing room.

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