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Police stop bus in search for 19th/John gunpoint robber

Seattle Police officers found themselves boarding a Metro bus looking for a gunman on Capitol Hill early Friday morning only days after this downtown bus shooting incident.

Friday morning, police boarded the Metro coach at 16th and Thomas around 1:45 AM after the transit agency said a man matching an armed robbery suspect was possibly on the route. One suspect was detained. Earlier, a victim was robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning as he walked near 19th and John prompting SPD patrol cars and a K9 unit to fan out around the area to search for the suspect. The victim was brought to the scene to identify the suspect pulled from the bus but said the man was not his attacker.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, the victim was held up just before 1:15 AM by a suspect he described as a light skinned black male, around 5’4″ tall with a slim build and wearing all black. The suspect brandished a pistol during the hold-up.

The robbery joins a line of armed robberies reported across Capitol Hill in recent weeks including a Tuesday morning hold-up at 14th and E Olive St. Check the CHS crime archive for updates.

Thursday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced City Hall would spend $400,000 to provide additional SPD patrol resources to help quell violence in the city.

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11 thoughts on “Police stop bus in search for 19th/John gunpoint robber

  1. All these robberies have a common point i.e. all these events happened to a single individual walking alone in the early hours of the morning. Perhaps it’s time for people to think about not walking by yourself late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

    • yawn… oh good morning! i see we’re back to blaming those stupid people walking home/to their jobs! what jerks! i bet if they had miniskirts on they’d get raped too.

      • Not about blaming the victim here. Most of the incidents do take place as JS outlined. It’s about waking up and being smart about when and where you place yourself.

      • I agree about not blaming victims but I wonder about situational awareness sometimes. If you are walking home at 3:00 AM and saying to yourself “I hope I get to pass right buy those cool looking guys up on the next block…” then I think there is a point about strategy. When I had to walk home from a second job really late I never got or let anyone get within 50 feet of me.

      • I guess you’re of the opinion that it’s a wise thing to walk alone between 1 and 3 in the morning with your eyes on your iPhone, eh? Be real. If you can’t get someone to walk with you it may be time to suck it up and pay the $5 or $10 for your cab fair to someplace that’s safe. To not admit that it’s risky to be walking by yourself between 1 and 3 in the morning is foolishness. And reading your iPhone?!!

  2. I think the point is to be as safe as you can be – not to cry and whine about not wanting to do it. It is proven that groups are less likely to be attacked than someone by themselves.

    • i thought the point was that i shouldn’t expect to read about a mugging once or more a week on this blog. but i do. seems to be the go-to place to make a quick buck after midnight! i have way too many friends in the service industry working on the hill that have no other choice when it comes to getting home. do you think they are irresponsible by not taking a cab home every night? are we blaming a sober responsible person for thinking it’s safe to walk the streets at night?

      • start by not accepting it as reality… try ACTUALLY making your voice heard to people who matter, not strangers on a blog. there are changes being made, let’s help make them instead of sitting back and blaming people for thinking we live in a safe city. gasp the audacity… if you think capitol hill or seattle is unsafe??? i hope you never have to move away.