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State officials ask Liquor Board to delay pot rules vote

Staff at the Washington State Liquor Control have recommended that the board take more time to consider proposed rules for selling, growing, and distributing recreational marijuana.

State officials asked the board to delay a vote on the rules to further consider public comments. The state held five public comment sessions over the past week, including one session in Seattle.

The WSLCB staff suggested to board take up the rules again at the board’s Sept. 4 meeting.

“The process is working exactly as it should,” Liquor Control Board director Rick Garza said in a statement. “Our stakeholders are not telling us to hurry up. In fact they are asking us to consider their comments for the proposed rules.”

The WSLCB said the revised rules will address “limiting the amount of total marijuana production, identifying the number of retail locations per county and their locations, identifying the total amount of product that a licensee may have on hand, as well as further clarifying certain definitions and other revisions.”

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said in a statement he supported the board taking more time to review the rules. In June Holmes sent a letter to the LCB asking board members to consider allowing for pot club to avoid the “renter’s paradox” — the idea that renters in smoke-free buildings will have access to legal marijuana but  technically may not have a place to smoke it.

Here’s the WSLCB revised schedule:

Revised Proposed Rulemaking Schedule

* September 4, 2013
File Supplemental CR 102 with revised proposed rules

* October 9, 2013
Public Hearing (Location TBD)

* October 16, 2013
Board Adoption (CR 103)

* November 16, 2013
Rules become effective

* Nov. 18 – Dec. 18, 2013
WSLCB accepts applications (30-day window)

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