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Take Back the Night rally against violence to march on Broadway Friday

SOSea_NoOneWalksAlone_v3BThe Take Back the Night march and vigil has been rescheduled to Friday night following a postponement due to Thursday’s heavy rain. CHS talked with LGBTQ community leaders about violence and hate crimes on the Hill and the planned “peaceful reaction to the violence happening on the Hill” the march represents here.

Take Back the Night
Friday August 30th — 9 PM
Gather at Broadway and Roy
Meet at Roy and Broadway (you will see the group of people, hopefully hundreds). We will pass out candles and say a few words, talk about safety, and then march south on Broadway, turn left on Pine and march east towards 13th, turn right and march South to Pike, turn right and march west to Broadway, turn right and march North toward Pine, turn right and enter Cal Anderson Park where we will join up and observe a moment of silence for the victims of violent crime, hold our candles high to illuminate the city park that has had so much crime take place lately and then sing a song for peace.

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