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Capitol Hill Park(ing) Day 2013


Gillian Graham and collaborators Isabell Blue Vera Petukhova heard about Park(ing) Day through CHS and set out to create an interior space familiar to many residents near their pocket park’s location on E Pine near Boylston. “We wanted to create a space recognizable to this neighborhood,” Petukhova said as development continues and waves of new residents join the mix of people living on Capitol Hill. (Image: CHS)

Park(ing) Day 2011 at Melrose and Pine... or was it 2010? 2012? (Image: CHS)

Park(ing) Day 2011 at Melrose and Pine… or was it 2010? 2012? (Image: CHS)

Live map, below

Live map, below

CHS has been hyping Park(ing) Day since 2009 — it’s worthy. The concept fits well within themes you’ll find playing out on Capitol Hill: ownership and creative use of the public space, density-friendly transportation, grassroots. 2013’s day of laying claim to the streets is especially great — earlier this week, Capitol Hill was part of Seattle’s experiment to continue the themes of Park(ing) Day into the day to day. The E Olive Way parklet sponsored by Montana is the first of what is hoped to be many such experiments in the city. It got off to a great start. Friday, make some time to stop by E Olive Way and the temporary pocket parks listed below. You’ll find a few treats…

  • 12th and Pine — “Plants, seating and art” — “Eltana and Schemata Workshop will also be partnering with Hello Robin tomorrow at the 12th and Pine location. The few and the lucky will be able to taste Robin’s highly anticipated cookies while supplies last. Participants will also receive a gift from Eltana (a gift card anywhere from $1-$10) tomorrow when they show us a completed Park(ing) Day passport. Otherwise, gift cards will be discounted tomorrow to customers 9am-3pm.”
  • 11th at E Pike — Atelier Drome Architecture, llp: “Creative seating elements” and Capitol Hill EcoDistrict: “Seating and a cider press” — “Cupcake Royale: PARK(ing) Day installation on our #CapitolHill cafe block, coming up Friday 9/20 from 9am to 3pm.”

    Rex, the design dog

    Rex, the design dog

  • E Pine at Boylston — Gillian Graham — “A park designed to feel like an interior space”IMG_9058
  • E Pine at Melrose — Sustainable Capitol Hill: “A ‘dream workshop’ complete with a bed and a bicycle spin-art station” and Freiheit & Ho Architects, Inc.: “Life-sized Jenga and letter seating”IMG_9055


  • 12th at E James — Seattle Academy: “A Seattle Academy student designed park”

And you’ll also find some inspiration for new ways to put our city space to the best possible use. You might also find a surprise or two. Happy Park(ing) Day. Here’s the E Olive Way parklet getting good use:


Schemata Workshop CAPITOL HILL 12th Ave between pike and pine
Sustainable Capitol Hill CAPITOL HILL Melrose and Pine
Atelier Drome Architecture, LLP CAPITOL HILL 11th Ave and Pike Street
Capitol Hill EcoDistrict CAPITOL HILL Pike Street and 11th Ave/12th Ave
Gillian Graham CAPITOL HILL Pine and Boylston/Belmont
Freiheit & Ho Architects, Inc. CAPITOL HILL Melrose and Pine
Montana Bar CAPITOL HILL E Olive Way and E Howell St
Seattle Academy FIRST HILL 12th Ave and James Court
Harbour Pointe Coffee House HARRISON/DENNY BLAINE E Madison St and 29th Ave E
Zipcar & TimBuk2 DOWNTOWN 2nd Ave and University St
Cascade Bicycle Club DOWNTOWN 2nd Ave between Madison and Marion
SAM & Trust for Public Land DOWNTOWN University St between 1st and 2nd


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