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CHS Pics | Capitol Hill’s newest mural at Broadway and Union gets Labor Day start

IMG_1631Not every new Capitol Hill mural is stuck in limbo. Work began in the parking lot behind Broadway and Union’s Gilda’s Club this Labor Day weekend on a new creation set to be part of Capitol Hill’s proud tradition of amazing murals. Here’s the invite to check out the work in progress from Gilda’s posted to the CHS Calendar:

Gilda’s Club Seattle is excited to announce that local artists, Game Not Fame, will be painting a mural on the North side of our building over Labor Day weekend and the weekend to follow. Stop by to check out the progress and to show your support for the artists who have volunteered their time to improve our neighborhood.

Gilda’s Club, which provides community and services to families living with cancer, undertook the project in an attempt to end the tagging that has persisted on the building walls surrounding the lot operated by Diamond Parking.


CHS was there Saturday to check out the first markings by the Game Not Fame crew and we’ve swung back through a few times over the weekend to check out the progress. More images from the wall, below.

IMG_1976 IMG_1941 IMG_1946 IMG_1947IMG_1967IMG_1980 IMG_1978 IMG_1972 IMG_1981

Here are a few more Hill murals we’ve covered in recent years:

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4 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Capitol Hill’s newest mural at Broadway and Union gets Labor Day start

  1. I sincerely hope this may stop people tagging the Gilda’s Club building. It’s really depressing passing this building and seeing that someone with no purpose other than to make things look like cråp thinks it’s a fun thing to deface buildings.

    • They generally go after empty space and leave things like wall murals alone. I don’t know if this is to make their doodles stick out more or respect for fellow “artists.”

  2. I hope the taggers will respect the work of artists, but they have a basic disrespect for other people’s property… I’m not so sure this will stop people who are hell bent on vandalism.

  3. I agree that taggers are immature jerks who care little about anything other than their spray can. But I have been pleasantly surprised that the art on the electric signal control boxes along Broadway have been left untouched for the most part. Hopefully, the same will be true of this new mural…..which is actually art, as opposed to scribbles and scratches.