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Civic Duty | Sound Transit vote on Capitol Hill Station development, Uber’s cry for help

Here’s a look at some upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the future of Capitol Hill.

  •  ST vote Sept 26 flyer FINALSound Transit Board votes on Capitol Hill TOD: The Capitol Hill Champion group is making a call for support in front of an important — and likely positive — vote on the development agreement for the properties surrounding Capitol Hill Station. CHS examined the agreement — which opens the door to 85-foot tall building along Broadway in exchange for affordable housing at the site — earlier this year.

Tomorrow, Sound Transit’s Board will vote on the Development Agreement that was unanimously approved by City Council on August 5th and will implement some of the neighborhood vision for affordable housing, public plaza, festival street and more.

The Champion will provide testimony in support of the Development Agreement and neighborhood goals for the Broadway Farmer’s Market, Community Center and continued involvement during the developer selection process.

Public comment is welcome and will be taken at the start of the meeting, but there is no need to speak (unless you really want to!). You can support the Champion and Community by simply attending and standing up during our testimony to be counted.

We want to show our appreciation to the Sound Transit Board for taking the big step of embracing the process with Capitol Hill and the precedent it sets.  See you all tomorrow!

Sound Transit Board Votes on Development Agreement

Thursday, 26 September 1:30 – 4:00 PM

Union Station, Ruth Fisher Boardroom
401 S. Jackson St.

Submit written comments by September 25th to: [email protected]

questions?? / comments- email [email protected]

  • Help out Uber? The Capitol Hill-based Pioneer Square-relocated Seattle office for new-era car service Uber is putting out a call for support in front of Thursday’s meeting of the City Council’s taxi and limo committee to discuss increased regulation in the industry:

    Save uberX in Seattle!

    In April of this year, Uber boldly rolled out its first low-cost service in Seattle. We call it uberX, a largely hybrid fleet of cars that brings the reliability and awesome of Uber, but with prices that are 50% less than our Black car product, and CHEAPER than a TAXI. We launched uberX because Seattleites deserve to have a low-cost Uber – an Uber that is for everyday use, an Uber that maybe isn’t so flashy as a black car, an Uber that is friendlier to the environment and friendly to your wallet.

    Unfortunately, the TAXI industry, which is generally in the business of lobbying city governments to outlaw competition, is making headway in getting the City Council shut down uberX.

    We need your help to keep uberX in Seattle! 

    Here is the comparison grid of the regulation alternatives currently on the Council committee’s table:


  • Student-run school board debate: Thursday night, candidates for Seattle’s school board will have to answer to their most important constituency — Seattle Public School students. Information on the debate is below. Register to attend at

On Thursday, September 26, at 6:00 p.m., at the Vera Project, Seattle Center, a dozen high school students will lead a one hour live public debate for four candidates competing for two positions on the SeattleSchool Board; Suzanne Dale Estey and Sue Peters, District 4 and Stephan Blanford and LaCrese Green, District 5. The student led debate will be held in-conjunction with Seattle CityClub’s 2nd annual Youth Civic Education Awards ceremony.

The high school students leading the debate represent winning programs of the Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award in 2012 and 2013.  Students were given training in debate format, information about what makes an effective school board member, information about each candidate, and developed the questions they will be asking. The students will run the entire debate.

  • Capitol Hill Mayoral Forum: Hey, look! It has a press release — it’s finally official!

Event: The Capitol Hill Mayoral Forum

Date/time: October 3rd, 2013 6:30 PM

Location: Barboza, 925 E Pike St, below Neumos

Tickets: Free — Register at


Mayoral candidates Mayor Mike McGinn and Sen. Ed Murray will meet on the Barboza stage to go toe to toe on the issues that matter most to Capitol Hill.

Residents and business owners of Seattle’s most exciting neighborhood will come together for an interactive discussion with the candidates to find out how Capitol Hill lives, works, and plays, and what each candidate believes the mayor’s role is promoting that vision. Audience participation is highly encouraged, and attendees will be able to submit questions on-site, or by tweeting using the hashtag #CapHillMayor. Additionally, the Capitol Hill Mayoral Forum is the only event that will allow you to vote by cocktail. Vote early, vote often.

As Capitol Hill continues to act as a microcosm of the greater issues in Seattle, we’re putting the mayoral candidates on the spot to find out what their plans are for our back yard.  We’re looking for real solutions and real ideas from the candidates, no personal attacks or meaningless political jargon allowed!

Human rights activist, filmmaker, Seattle University adjunct professor, and local spitfire Sandy Cioffi will moderate the discussion. At her side will be publisher Justin Carder, culling submitted tweets for important interjections and insights, and Michael Wells, executive director of the chamber of commerce.

Doors at 6:30pm event to start promptly at 7:00pm. Tickets are free but must be reserved here.

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7 years ago

The city council needs to get with the 21st century and embrace Uber. There are a lot of problems facing the city but Uber is not one of them.

7 years ago

Regarding Uber: The taxi drivers formed an association last year with the Teamsters Union. They don’t care what you or the city likes or needs. The end result won’t be an outright ban, but regulation to remove competition.

7 years ago

while taxis are fine downtown, if you live on mid beacon hill or anywhere south, good luck getting a cab to come pick you up. usually they say 5-15 minutes, and IF they come it can be an hour or more, after repeated calls back to dispatch. Forget about getting a cab in columbia city at night, my bartender roommate can tell you they just won’t pick up there at night. This is a service industry, Uber has WAY better service!

7 years ago

Uber is not only about better prices. It’s also about SAFETY.
Not to mention clean ride, always friendly and professional service.
Superrior and very reliable!
No need to have cash when you need a ride and no worry that a driver would give fits (my experiences with Yellow) when trying to pay with credit card.

Please support it following the link provided by JS!!