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Hillebrity | Kerry Waananen & Daniel Byrne

 Kerry Waananen & Daniel Byrne — Raygun Lounge Superheroes

How would you integrate non-gaming folks into your establishment? How would you bridge the gap?

We’d first dispel this silly, but perhaps daunting, misconception we kinda feel that the passerby might feel scoping in the windows and seeing everyone playing games that they aren’t “enough of a nerd or a enough of a gamer or a whatever to hang out here.” Yeah, we’re gaming lounge, but the gaming is just the bonus points. We’re a Kickstarter bar, so we’re here for everyone, it’s a communal space to have fun and be merry in, isn’t that rad? The Raygun Lounge, in my head anyway, is like this mythical place on the cusp of all converging realities: people of all sorts come by to belly up with a pint or to roll some dice or mack on eachother over a game of Scrabble or draw pictures of dragons or whatever. Or it’s just like a rad place to be cool in.

We’re trying to appeal to everyone, we want everyone in here. We’ve been working on hooking the spot up with tons of cool shit: We just got loaned a life-sized Yoda, we got a Dungeons & Dragons arcade machine, we’re reeling in some killer local ciders and beers, and we have mead, so there’s that. Plus, the Museum Shelf spanning the whole east wall is prime real-estate, we want everyone to use it as a trophy shelf to show off some rad shit, it’s yours. We’re indie as hell, if you want some obscure beer, tell us! If you want to host a Tom Waits night, let’s make it happen! Let’s make this place rule. Get in here!

Also, we like to fight with swords.

The Raygun Lounge is located on 501 E Pine St.

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9 thoughts on “Hillebrity | Kerry Waananen & Daniel Byrne

  1. Nice! I’ve walked by a bunch (and stopped in for the D&D arcade machine), but I’ve always been too intimidated to actually go in, since it’s all groups that seem to know each other well. But now I’m motivated!

    • It IS mostly groups that know each other well, which could easily define Capitol Hill as a neighborhood. It also defines modern geeks as a whole. If you were able to navigate high school successfully, you should do fine.

  2. This post is much appreciated and good to know. I have a cool idea for a fun night and will come talk to you. Besides, I want to come in and explore the gaming.

  3. I wasn’t sure if the Raygun was going to be rad enough for me, but I’m now getting the impression raditude was a top priority from its inception. Now the question is whether or not I’m a rad enough dude for the Raygun! I don’t even have any tattoos, but most of my clothes do have ink stains.

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