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Was Capitol Club, will be Capitol Hill Bauhaus… temporarily

The "old" Capitol Hill Bauhaus

The “old” Capitol Hill Bauhaus

As CHS reports the dramas and plot lines that play out for Capitol Hill business ventures, we try to remember we are talking about people’s lives and livelihoods. But we’re also talking about good stories. Occasionally, the plot lines collide.

CHS can now report that two Capitol Hill cliffhangers can be tied up with one main character’s next move — Bauhaus is taking over the Capitol Club space after the nightclub opens this weekend for one last hurrah.

Bauhaus owner Joel Radin confirmed the new Capitol Hill Bauhaus. “Pretty happy to still be in the neighborhood and to keep another great Pine Street location’s spirit alive,” he noted via email.

The Capitol Club location is the temporary, nearby landing place CHS reported on in early August as we broke the news the cafe had secured a new home on Capitol Hill as its longtime space at Melrose and Pine undergoes a massive redevelopment. In late 2012, CHS reported on the plan to open a Bauhaus in Ballard. At the time, it looked like Capitol Hill would have to do without its much-loved cafe until the construction dust settled at Melrose and Pine. Instead, Bauhaus and its crew are moving only a few blocks.

Previoulsy, Radin told CHS the plan will be for Bauhaus to move to its new location for the two years of demolition and construction before moving back into the new development. After that, the food and drink entrepreneur said he plans to put the temporary Bauhaus space into motion as a new venture. We’ll have to wait to find out what the long-term future is for the space that has served as a nightclub for more than 17 years.

Capitol Club co-owner Robin Cohen told CHS she got an offer she “couldn’t refuse” to sell the business she’s financed since 2008. In 2011, we reported the club was on the market for $1.1 million. We don’t have details on the terms of the deal with Bauhaus.

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Radin said he’ll have more information soon on how Bauhaus will put the Capitol Club space — complete with two levels and a balcony — to use and timing for the project. As the demolition permits are lined up and the backhoes prepared, Bauhaus is slated to remain open at Melrose and Pine through October 5th — the date Bauhaus first opened its doors in 1993.

The two-block move is part of an exodus of small retailers from the Melrose and Pine block. Many like Wall of Sound, recently moved in at 12th and Pike, and Le Frock, now resident on E Pike, found new, nearby homes. Dozens of artists shared their work at a vigil held in August to mark the changes underway on the block.

Another of the refugee businesses is also celebrating a move Thursday. Edie’s Shoes moved into the renovated Greenus building at 500 E Pike earlier this summer. Thursday, you can stop in for the grand opening party from 5 to 8 PM during the Capitol Hill art walk. “Enjoy goodie bags, sips and nibbles, special events from vendors (including make-your-own Maguba clogs) and an appearance by artist Brandon Vosika,” the promo text reads. After, you can stop by Capitol Club to say goodbye before dropping by Bauhaus for a quick congratulations.

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29 thoughts on “Was Capitol Club, will be Capitol Hill Bauhaus… temporarily

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  2. This makes more sense for Bauhaus, amd when the new cevelopment opens up, have that be the new bar/club/restaurant to feed off of the synergies of Melrose Market.

    • Seriously though, congratulations! Hopefully this will make the neighbouring buildings on Crawford Pl fix the lights so nobody gets robbed or beaten.

      • I live right off the alley where Bauhaus will be and I would love for the lights to be replaced, but I have never had a problem in that area with or without lights…

      • Are people that dull that they can’t enjoy art and books and coffee?
        why is everyone into this post-modern pre-fab fake looking “high end” housing crap?
        where is the texture? where is the interest?
        why is everyone so freaking boring?

  3. So is Ballard getting a Bauhaus or not? The paper has been removed from many windows, and there’s quite obviously a big honkin’ counter in the middle of the space, but they were supposed to open six months ago.

  4. I really hope Bauhaus decides to stay in that space where the CC is now permanently. The character of the building will feel more like the comfy coffee shop I love it to be. Something new and shiny will be another big cold chain shop.

    • Bauhaus wasn’t just a coffeehouse, it had a mike-night, poetry readings, book signings, bands playing etc. It was also a gallery.
      local artist could display their own work there as well as have something of interest to talk about and look at.
      One of the three owners, is an architect and designed the building.
      Bauhaus should serve as an example to what neighborhood coffeeshop looks like and how it operates. Serving the neighborhood and community and allowing the residents to participate.

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  12. All of you are so self involved so Seattle! They are taking away all the charm and character of the city!! Soon Capitol Hill will look like every other area in Seattle. All the same architecture!!

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