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Blotter | Stabbing in First Hill building where shooting occurred last week, Bellevue/Pike mugging

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  • Broadway/Pike stabbing: SPD has details on an early morning bit of nightlife gone bad. The medical facility referenced, by the way, is a King County sobering facility down across I-5 on Boren — perhaps swinging the arrow back toward tragedy for this kind of incident.

    Man Stabbed Outside Bar Goes Back For Another Drink
    Written by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on October 14, 2013
    After being stabbed in a brawl outside a Capitol Hill bar early this morning, a 21-year-old went back for another drink before heading to a medical facility.
    The man told police he was at a bar near Broadway and Pike Street around 1 am this morning when he got into an argument with another patron, and the two men headed out of the bar to sort out their differences.
    After a brief brawl with the other man, the victim walked away from the fight when his side began to hurt.
    The victim then realized he had blood running down his back from a two-and-a-half inch wound, but decided to go back into the bar and have two more shots of liquor.
    The victim then walked to a medical facility, where staff called police.
    When officers arrived to talk to the man, he was only able to give officers a vague description of the suspect.

  • First Hill stabbing attack: Police searched the 300-unit Jefferson Terrace Monday morning following a stabbing reported inside Seattle Housing Authority’s largest apartment building. SPD hasn’t yet released details of the incident that sent one person to the hospital with stabbing injuries and had police searching the building floor by floor following the 5 AM incident. Last week, a man suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his shoulder in a dispute inside the building police say started over drugs and cash.
  • Bellevue/Pike mugging: A woman told police she was mugged by a male and his two female accomplices in an incident Sunday night around 7:50 PM near Bellevue and Pike. According to police radio dispatches, the woman told police that her attackers grabbed her and stole her wallet before fleeing the area. The victim described the mugger who grabbed the wallet as a black male in his early 20s with a dark bandana covering his face. The victim said the group threatened to shoot her but did not display a gun.
  • Car prowl lost journals: The victim of a car break-in at Howell/Boylston Sunday morning has contacted CHS in an effort to track down two notebooks lost in the crime. You can check out this CHS Lost & Found post for more details.
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