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Community Council talking Capitol Hill crime in ‘open dialogue’ with SPD, mental health reps

Last month, CHS reported that as far as 2013 crime trends were concerned, you were just as likely to get beat up, more likely to get robbed, burgled on Capitol Hill so far this year. Especially troubling for many has been a return of what seems like an annual wave of summer crime around Cal Anderson. Thursday night, the Capitol Hill Community Council’s October meeting will include SPD representatives for a conversation about safety on Capitol Hill:

We are all aware of the uptick in crime in our neighborhood, it’s a hot issue right now and we have heard tragic stories affecting businesses and local residents. The Capitol Hill Community Council is looking forward to hosting this event for the members of our neighborhood.  These conversations are designed to bring together local community members in a way that is more comfortable and informal than traditional meetings and panel discussions. The group setting promotes an open dialogue that allows participants to address neighborhood issues directly with the guests.  While we can’t address all aspects of the safety issues in one short meeting, we have identified two areas of immediate interest. We have invited Officer Sina Eginger of the East Precinct to attend to address issues concerning safety, police presence and to provide any updates on current progress on the issue.  We will also have two members of the Low Income Housing Institute in attendance to address any community based solutions we can initiate, discuss the LEAD program (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) and the need for mental health support in our area, and what safety issues are affecting their residents.

Meanwhile, the Yesler Terrace Community Council is meeting Thursday afternoon at 2 PM to discuss recent crimes at the nearby Jefferson Terrace building on First Hill near Harborview.

There have been other recent conversations about crime in the neighborhood including a visit with residents in Cal Anderson with City Council member Mike O’Brien. One resident in attendance made this video of the session which included the victim who lost part of his ear in this August assault:

Thanks to Chris King for sharing the piece with CHS.

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