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Hillebrity | Aleksa Manila

 Aleksa Manila — Drag Queen

IMG_8056When out of drag how do strangers generally react when you tell them what you do?

Well, that’s a bit tricky because I’m involved in a lot of things politically, socially, etc. Just at a recent TUCK event at Chop Suey with our Back-To-School theme, host and producer, Ben DeLaCrème introduced me as the “over-achiever,” which totally worked with my nerdy cheerleader routine.

I could certainly answer that in different ways especially when I’ve described myself as “drug counselor by day, drag diva by night.” Being out of drag and sharing what I do could mean different things. I probably would not openly share that I’m either a drug counselor or a drag performer anyway. And it’s not because I’m embarrassed or ashamed at all – I take pride in what I do. In fact, I’m actually pretty timid out of drag – very unassuming, actually. It’s typically friends who take the cat out of the bag and share that I’m “the” Aleksa Manila, which can be quite embarrassing to a stranger. And of course, even more embarrassing when the other person asks, “Who?” (laughs).

Also, my professional life is very personal to me. Not very many people realize that I have a full time day job. Which I do enjoy because it breaks the stereotype.

Aleksa hosts ICON: a celebration of drag, art & life the 9th annual benefit for Seattle Counseling Service this Sunday, October 6. For more events featuring Aleksa visit her website here.

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