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SFD battles fire in 108-year-old Summit Ave E house

Seattle Fire rushed to the scene of a reported basement fire in a multi-story structure in the 1000 block of Summit Ave E Thursday morning around 9:45 AM.

An image from the aftermath via @SeattleFire

An image from the aftermath via @SeattleFire

There was an unconfirmed report of one victim injured in the blaze that continued to billow heavy smoke twenty minutes after the initial calls to 911. The hillside 2,800 square-foot house contains multiple units. The fire reportedly broke out in the basement unit’s kitchen. A search of the 1905-built building revealed all other residents had been cleared out as firefighters continued to make sure the fire had not extended into other parts of the building.

UPDATE: The fire scene had transitioned to clean-up by 10:30a — though the fire wasn’t officially declared “under control” until 10:40 — nearly an hour after the initial call. During the response, firefighters were hampered by a few oddities of the building including possible separate electrical power setups for each unit in the house.

Photo sent to us by Jim Simandl of SFD activating an area hydrant

Photo sent to us by Jim Simandl of SFD activating an area hydrant

Because of extensive remodeling, SFD estimated it would be on the scene for hours to determine the extent of damage to inner walls and supports. Outside, a victim displaced by the fire waited with medic units, using a sheet to keep warm.

UPDATE 4:23 PM: Here’s the report from Seattle Fire on the blaze that has been determined to be an accidental electrical fire:

Seattle Fire Investigators determined a fire at a Capitol Hill multi-unit building was an electrical fire in the stove. The fire is being classified as accidental.

At 9:46 a.m. a 911 call came into the Fire Alarm Center reporting smoke and fire at a 3-story building located in the 1000 block of Summit Avenue East. Engine Company 25 arrived and was directed to the basement unit of the building by one of the occupants. The basement and first floor were filled with smoke.

An occupant of the building was still inside his basement unit and unable to evacuate due to a medical condition. Firefighters assisted him out of the basement unit where he was evaluated by Medics. He did not suffer any injuries.

The fire started on the stove and extended into the basement unit cabinets and into the walls of the building which was converted into 3 condominiums. Due to the challenge in digging the fire out of the walls and floors, it took 45 minutes for firefighters to get the fire under control.

The smoke and fire damage made it impossible for the three occupants to reoccupy the units.

The damage estimate is $70,000.

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7 years ago

The building is a 5,600 sq. ft. 3 unit condominium. The majority of the Tudor style structure was built in 1924. There was extensive fire damage to 1 unit, fire and smoke damage to the other 2 units. Damage will exceed $250,000.