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Blotter | Man robbed of pot in Cal Anderson, witness foils Pine purse thief

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  • Park pot robbery: A victim in a possible armed hold-up says he was sitting on a Cal Anderson Park bench Thursday night around 9 PM smoking marijuana when he was robbed of his drugs and money by four men he believed were packing a gun. For those wondering about the recent decision to end the practice of leaving lights on in the park overnight to deter crime, Cal Anderson was still lit and open at the time of the reported robbery. Details below. Note that the victim never saw a weapon.Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.02.08 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.01.59 AM
  • 12th/Pike street robbery details: A woman was robbed in what sounds like a horrible and scary attack in the 1400 block of 12th Ave early last Friday around 1:15 AM. CHS had a preliminary report on the robbery in an earlier blotter update.Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.27.14 AM
  • Witness steps in to foil purse snatch: An early morning November 5th street robbery in the 900 block of Pine near the Paramount was foiled by an unknown man who saw the assault and took chase. The report on the incident is below. The victim reported the crime a few days later after recovering from her injuries.Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.17.44 AM
  • E Denny Way purse robbery: A woman was the victim of a purse grab at E Denny Way and Boylston last Friday night around 11 PM.Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.15.25 AM
  • E Pine restaurant burglary: A break-in at a restaurant in the 600 block of E Pine overnight on November 6th did around $750 in damage and netted its perpetrator a roll of quarters and box containing two doughnuts. According to the SPD report, the person who reported the break-in found various tools not belonging to the business strewn about after being used to bust in as well as the doughnut box on the sidewalk. The report notes the business’s alarm was likely deactivated for a morning delivery by a vendor.
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10 thoughts on “Blotter | Man robbed of pot in Cal Anderson, witness foils Pine purse thief

  1. Very sorry to hear about the person robbed of pot and cash but not surprised. However, as a person who lives here I can say with no equivocation that I will ALWAYS call 911 if someone’s being victimized. I don’t give a hoot who-the-hell it is. That said, there’s a lot of weed in the park these days, and it’s obviously a meeting place to buy and sell just like any other drug. So…it’d be cool if people would be more careful. Weed’s expensive and I have no doubt there are people looking for people with weed to victimize. So KIDZ…be careful out there.

    • Yeah kids, be careful on your drug run! Or, yknow, end the drug dealing at Cal Anderson by asking the police to actually do something rather than just occasionally drive by on 11th ave. Either or.

    • Why are you sorry? He was obviously smoking and high in a public place/park which if I understand correctly is still illegal even if weed is legal in the state. I’m so tired of all these waste on society continuing to use a once great park as their, bedroom, bathroom, shower, painting canvas and personal office.

      • I’m not at all sorry. By smoking pot in a public place, he was breaking the law, and he would not have been victimized if he was obeying the law.

        There probably will be more such incidents, as smoking pot in public is basically alerting criminals that you have pot they can steal. This is one of the many unintended consequences of legalization.

  2. 12th/Pike street robbery… so basically a block from the the 12th Ave Police Precinct? Jesus.

    Safe to say that a police presence is not such a mighty deterrence to crime.

    • That’s what I thought too, until I realized the officers are mostly sitting in their car waiting for dispatch (from what it seems).
      You can have a gazillion officers waiting/driving around in their car but they won’t hear or see what’s going on in the streets.
      Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any officers walking around that area either. Or anywhere, for that matter.

  3. What do you expect cops to do? You libs have done a great job at convincing them that getting involved could cost a career. Instead they have become reporters and investigators only. Your City has already said its okay to smoke pot and if caught you will get a stern talking to, that’s it. If a cop so much as puts their hands on you they get strung up. Stop complaining and reap what you sowed.