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Capitol Hill food+drink | After Seattle food and drink odyssey, veteran restaurateurs’ sweet love for Dulces rekindled at 19th and Madison

Kainz at work (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Kainz at work (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Imagine having nearly 20 years under your belt running your own restaurant — and then putting on the apron again in somebody else’s kitchen. For Carlos Kainz and Julie Guerrero, the return to life of their longtime love Dulces is also about being free again to create their own vision and run a restaurant business the way they believe it should be done.

“When you have become the owner of an establishment, it’s very difficult to work for anybody else,” Kainz says about as diplomatically as humanly possible about the year he spent working at a major downtown steakhouse as he and his wife Julie bided their time waiting for a new home where their Dulces Bistro could again take root.IMG_9644 IMG_9623

After their 2011 exit from the restaurant’s original Madrona home, Kainz and Guerrero ended up on a frustrating Seattle food+drink entrepreneur odyssey. At one point, the Dulces re-creation was lined up for Broadway’s Joule building. Next came word that the new Dulces was destined for the Oola Distillery project where Zoe roosts now. Ultimately, after 19 years in business in Madrona, Dulces landed downtown on Western Ave. But by summer of 2012, Dulces was shuttered again.

“It was frustrating when we made the mistake of taking over the old Wild Ginger on Western Ave,” Kainz said. “We didn’t realize how bad the turnout was going to be.”

Kainz said the area around Western has changed so much and there is so much construction underway for the waterfront that Dulces could never gain a hold below Pike Place.

While the couple feel fortunate to have escaped the Western Ave situation with only a few regrets, there aren’t any regrets about the original decision to exit Madrona. Kainz said the neighborhood had changed enough with an influx of young families and the economic downturn changed everybody’s going-out-to-eat habits enough, that a European-flavored bistro looking and acting a little fancier than it really was didn’t quite fit into the neighborhood’s new rhythm. “I had one woman with kids call to cancel a reservation,” Kainz said. “‘We couldn’t come in, the restaurant is too nice for us,’ she said.”

IMG_9687 IMG_9690 IMG_9747With Western Ave safely behind them, Kainz and Guerrero hunkered down and kept their eyes and ears peeled for an opportunity that would give Dulces a new life in a more active dining environment — one where a relatively moderate average tab could sustain a mom and pop restaurant.

Kainz is a waiter, first and foremost, he says, so he went back to work at Ruth’s Chris. Chef Guerrero took a turn at another kitchen. Finally, they found the right kind of space on the edge of all the new energy on Capitol HIll but still close to their old home in Madrona. Only problem with the restaurant space below 19th and Madison’s Lawrence Lofts was that a handful of other restaurants also badly wanted the lease. Kainz said he lucked out thanks to a longtime customer — one of the building’s contractors was a regular at Dulces in Madrona. With some inside pull, Kainz and Guerrero were back in business.

“We don’t want to be a special occasion place,” Kainz said. “Our customers live above us here.”

An appreciation of density isn’t the only thing new for Dulces. Kainz said the new, post-downturn world means a focus on good value and less flair. Gone is one of the most broad selection of wine in the city. “Seven years ago, we used to have largest wine list on West Coast,” Kainz said. “2,500 labels.” The new Dulces wine list is pared down and focused only on affordable pours most worth the money. “Our most expensive glass of wine is $9,” Kainz said.

The Dulces kitchen, though, with Guerrero at the helm, hasn’t changed much — still seasonally focused and only a splurge if you want it to be. Kainz says any entree can be cut in half if you’re not up for the $30 Paella Catalana or $26 Corn Masa Seafood Crepes. The new Dulces world also has cocktails.

More change will come slowly. The restaurant’s first weekend of business consisted of “probably 90%” regulars from the Madrona days. Kainz is hoping for more Lawrence Lofts residents to drop down and Pike/Pine revelers to make the walk down E Madison. At 56, he is back inside his own restaurant. You’ll find him waiting tables, of course.

“If the restaurant does really, really well, maybe in 10 years we have somebody manage it for us,” Kainz said. But for now, the two Seattle restaurant veterans are back to work the best way they know how — Guerrero in the kitchen and Kainz, front of house.

“Some of these guys have multiple locations, chains,” Kainz said. “If you only have one, that’s your baby.”

Dulces is located at 19th/Madison. You can learn more at

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