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Capitol Hill food+drink | Dinette decides it’s ready for new home — Revolver next on E Olive Way

The restaurant celebrated its eighth anniversary in October (Image: Dinette)

The restaurant celebrated its eighth anniversary in October (Image: Dinette)

It is not business as usual when a Capitol Hill restaurant announces that it is closing the doors of its longtime home and that it is still looking for a new location — and that the whole thing is a happy story.

But Dinette’s Melissa Nyffeler says her little restaurant has simply outgrown its E Olive Way home and that she is happily picking through options of where to begin the next step.

“I really didn’t have the intention for Dinette to have a simple style — it just turned out the space forced me to stay really simple,” Nyffeler said. “I cook more like a home cook — more like a dinner party. Dinette is more like somebody’s house. That’s still my style,” she said.540940_10151418628612625_1711462438_nAfter eight years, Dinette will close on E Olive Way this December. A series of Sunday suppers will help send regulars out with full tummies to help them be patient for Dinette’s next home. Nyffeler said she’s weighing several options — both on and off the Hill — but wants to be re-opened by late spring.

In Dinette’s place will be a new venture from a entrepreneur known more for his place in the city’s music scene. Electrokitty Recording Studio owner Gary Reynolds plans to open Revolver in the Dinette space early in 2014. We’ll have more details on the project later. Reynolds has declined to speak on the record — yet — about what he has planned but we’re expecting it to sandwich nicely into the nightlife scene along E Olive Way neighbors Montana and The Hillside Bar.

Nyffeler, in the meantime, says she is looking forward to a bigger, more advanced kitchen and a world where she can add simple elements like grilling and deep frying to her chef’s toolkit. She’s also hoping for a space that will allow her to hold cooking classes and events to move her work out of the kitchen from time to time. Resources to allow Dinette to pick up more catering work would also help the restaurant to grow.

The most likely landing place for Dinette, of course, is in its birth neighborhood, still on Capitol HIll. Still, you might want to stop by E Olive Way soon — just in case.

“It would be nice to find an older building,” Nyffeler said, that didn’t have older building problems.”

(Image: Dinette)

(Image: Dinette)

Monday, December 23 will be the final night of service for Dinette on E Olive Way. The full announcement of Dinette’s relocation is below:

Dinette is Relocating

After Eight Great Years, It’s Time to Find a New Space

SEATTLE, November 25, 2013 — Chef and owner Melissa Nyffeler has decided that it’s time for Dinette to find a new home. The Capitol Hill restaurant that was borne out of popular supper parties at Nyffeler’s tiny apartment has had a wonderful eight years on East Olive Way, but a new space is in the cards—it’s high time for a larger kitchen and a few more seats at the bar.

The original Dinette suppers began as a way for Nyffeler to delve deeper into cooking and explore whatever piqued her interest—making fresh pasta, baking bread, new cuisines—and the restaurant carried on that tradition of thoughtful, heartfelt food. It also carried on the tradition of working out of a tiny kitchen: Nyffeler and the kitchen staff have been cooking using only a four-burner electric range and a toaster. A new space will mean more room in the kitchen and more burners—Nyffeler couldn’t be more excited!

“It’s bittersweet to leave this space,” says Nyffeler, “it’s served us so well and become such a home, but it’s time to move on. A new space is ripe with possibilities and I am excited to see where we land. Endless possibilities!”

Nyffeler is still on the lookout for the perfect space, but fans can expect Dinette to reopen in 2014. The ambience will remain much the same (the iconic platters will be back on the walls) as will the lovingly prepared food that comes out of the kitchen. And of course: toast.

As a final hurrah on East Olive Way, Nyffeler and the gang will be putting on three SundaySuppers in December. They’ve long put on monthly suppers that recall Dinette’s apartment days—these last three promise to be especially wonderful. The themes for the suppers are:
December 8: Yucatan
December 15: Southern French Dinner, featuring Cassoulet
December 22: Spanish Tapas

WOB Capitol Hill's opening night crowd (Image: World of Beer)

WOB Capitol Hill’s opening night crowd (Image: World of Beer)

These family-style affairs being at 6pm. Cost is $40/person, with cocktails, wine, beer, and desserts available for purchase.  Seating is limited to 36 guests and reservations are required.  Please call, 206.328.2282, Monday thru Friday between 10am and 5pm to reserve a seat at the table.

Monday, December 23 will be the last night of service at Dinette. They’ll be open at 5pm and dinner will be served until 9pm with glasses of champagne being poured throughout the evening to celebrate this incarnation of Dinette.

Guests, fans, and friends are invited to stop in for a sweet goodbye with toasts of both the wine and bread varieties. And maybe, a few tears.

Capitol Hill food+drink notes 

  • The good folks behind Tango and Rumba will open Corretto at Minor and Pine in 2014.
  • Boom Noodle E Pike will become Blue C E Pike.
  • National chain World of Beer opened on Capitol Hill Monday. Some people freaked out, some people ordered a beer.
  • Perhaps CHS should start “curating” beer.
  • Liquor samples coming to your friendly neighborhood QFC.
  • Um, what if you happen to want “a soft, eggy, crusty mess“?
  • Speaking of Le Zinc, here are some pictures from its Beaujolais nouveau dinner:Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.51.22 PM
  • Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant & Bar considering expansion and asking you for advice.
  • How Tallulah’s got its logo. Opens in a couple weeks, by the wayScreen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.56.47 PM
  • Bauhaus is planning to reopen on E Pine in December — but they’re working on a pop-up location in the meantime… anybody hear where yet?

    Looks like we are going to open a holiday pop-up shop next week inside another local business. It’ll only be open from 7am-2pm & mostly be a take out only counter…but we didn’t want to leave you in the cold any longer. Look for information here over the weekend as to when we will be up and running. We can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Sun Liquor is holding holiday cocktail classes. Two words: egg nog.
  • Mark Klebeck’s *other* Capitol Hill-born venture Top Pot is expanding to NYC and, oddly enough, adding cocktails at its Belltown location. Klebeck says no Top Pot cocktails on Summit… yet.

    (Image: Mark Klebeck)

    (Image: Mark Klebeck)

  • You can *probably* still score a seat — if not a booth — at a couple of these Capitol Hill restaurants serving up special Thanksgiving feasts.
  • BONUS ITEM: Pike/Pine problems: “… We have been there a number of times and have had breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner there. Every time I’ve worn Google Glass. I even had staff ask me about it and to check it out…”
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9 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Dinette decides it’s ready for new home — Revolver next on E Olive Way

  1. I love Dinette so so so much. Please stay on Capitol Hill so I can continue to eat the frittatatoast forever. I love the current space but am glad this story is a happy one. Good luck!

  2. I wonder if they might consider the Broadway Grille site. Sounds like a nice fit for that cuisine and location. Got to believe there is an issue either with that site or the rent.

  3. Kudos to the owners at Lost Lake for putting the narcissist Nick Starr and his Google Glass in their place. I’ll be eating there as often as possible from now on! I also like the idea another bar manager on the hill had of starting a boycott of Nick Starr. Not soon enough in my humble opinion.

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