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Central District News: Groups continue to occupy Horace Mann

1463757_10102030412459190_619371871_n (1)Seattle Public Schools has once again commanded community groups that have taken over 23rd and Cherry’s Horace Mann schoolhouse to vacate the premises. Our sister site has details of the More for Mann group’s resolve to continue to occupy the building as power to the facility has been cut and worries of a forced removal increase. From the Central District News:

As of Saturday night, police efforts to remove any people inside the Mann building had not taken place. Seattle City Light arrived at the scene Saturday — later, one person providing details via Twitter said generator power was now available.

Earlier, CDN reported on the ongoing tension around the situation for Seattle Public Schools which owns the building and plans a major renovation of the facility. Wednesday night, the school board voted to delay an action vote on the situation at the request of Superintendent Jose Banda.

“Now is the time to rectify the past inequities and ineffective methods to educate our children,” the groups said in one More for Mann statement. “We will no longer accept and allow sub-standard resources, results, programs and policies directed to our young scholars.” More on the situation at CDN.

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Queen Pearl
Queen Pearl
7 years ago

Just very thankful for no injuries on that day or deaths.Black men need to stop going to jail and prison. Dr. King did it and so did Malcolm X. Now pay us and leave us alone. This is slavery,Jim Crow, and the offspring of Jim Crow. Now they call it New Jim Crow. What’s up with that?