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Get an early start on your District 3 campaign: Community and East District councils meet this week


Montreal’s bike share set-up (Image: Puget Sound Bike Share)

Want some early District 3 practice? We won’t be electing a D3 rep to the Seattle City Council for a few more years but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig in on the problems and opportunities the district faces — starting now. On the various civic council agendas this week: the coming Puget Sound Bike Share a look at the regulations enabling a mini-wave of townhome development across central Seattle. Details, below. UPDATE: Sorry for the mix-up — we originally posted the community council’s October agenda!

  • The Capitol Hill Community Council will hold its November meeting Thursday night:

    November Agenda
    Updated Agenda!
    Come hear about Bike Share on the Hill!!!

    CHCC General Meeting

    Thursday, November 21st, 2013
    Cal Anderson Shelter House, 6:30 pm

    6:30-6:35 Welcome

    6:35-6:50 Presentation about Puget Sound Bike Share from Holly Houser

    6:50-7:00 Announcements

    Arts Walk–Jeffrey

    Design Review–Jeffrey

    7:00-7:10 Committee Reports

    Safety Committee–Melissa and Alyssa. Wrap up of last months safety meeting and upcoming action items

    Champion update

    Treasurer Report

    Report from John Feit on recent Rail~Volution transit conference

    Report by Joel Sisolak from Sustainable Seattle

    7:35-8:00 By-Laws revisions continue

    8:00 Adjourn

  • The East District Neighborhood Council meets Monday night. Note the agenda will center around townhome regulations after CHS wrote about a mini-explosion of the developments around the Hill last week. From coordinator Tim Durkan (email):

*East District Neighborhoods Council will be meeting at the Shelter House inside of Cal Anderson Park for this one meeting, Monday November 18th @6pm

Hello everyone!

Attached is the EDNC’s agenda for Monday night’s meeting at the Shelter House in Cal Anderson Park. I will bring copies of the agenda for folks and have the room set up and ready to go! It’s going to be an exciting discussion about zoning, pedestrian and EDNC bylaw issues – you won’t want to miss it!

Drop me a note with thoughts or questions. Board members please let the Chair and me know if you will be late or unable to attend. **As I clean up this distribution list – please let me know if you’d appreciate being dropped from future emails, even if you have before. Thank you and apologies in advance!

11-18-13 EDNC Agenda

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3 thoughts on “Get an early start on your District 3 campaign: Community and East District councils meet this week

  1. Would like to go but cannot attend because I will be at work til 8 pm. Is there any way for me to receive a transcript of this important meeting?

  2. Humm, the article says that the meeting is on “Thursday October 17th”, which was last month. Fortunately, the image of the agenda says November 18th.

    • The agenda has been updated above. Sorry for the confusion.

      +East District Council meets Monday, November 18th at 6 PM
      + Capitol Hill Community Council meets Thursday, November 21st at 6:30 PM

      Both meetings are at the Cal Anderson Shelterhouse inside park