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More money for Cal Anderson safety, maintaining new parks on roster of proposals for next levy

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Thursday night, the committee that will set the course for how money from the next Seattle Parks Levy will be deployed comes to Capitol Hill to hear community feedback on dozens of proposed initiatives including $800,000 for more rangers and staff to help make the central city’s parks safer.

Here’s a note about the meeting from newly re-elected City Council member Sally Bagshaw:

Join Us at the Public Hearing for the Parks Legacy CAC on Thursday, November 7th!

Just a reminder that tomorrow the Department of Parks and Recreation is holding a public hearing at 6 p.m. at Miller Community Center, 330 19th Ave. E.  This hearing is another opportunity for you to weigh in on the parks potential ballot measure for 2014.

Back in May 2013, City Council adopted Resolution 31454 which created the Parks Legacy Citizens Advisory Committee. This group is tasked with, among other things, determining if we should move forward with a ballot measure, the type of funding mechanism, and the investment initiatives.

The group has just released a first draft of 37 prioritized initiatives: this is what a possible levy would buy. The Committee seeks feedback from the community on these initiatives, and on the type of funding mechanisms being considered

For more information, please visit

The list of 37 is below — you’ll note a few items dedicated to park safety including $250,00 for the Parks concierge program we reported on related to crime in Cal Anderson and another $550,000 initiative to fund two additional Park Rangers and two park-funded Animal Control Officers.

You can also provide feedback via email to


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  1. $550,000 for two animal control guys and two park rangers? That’s over $130,000 each. Unless this is for three years or more you get my vote(NO!!!)

  2. I hope that the new animal control people will not be the huge cowards that I see today who are afraid to approach scary-looking people with off-leash pit bulls and will instead meet their quotas by ticketing people with well-socialized dogs that were not bred to fight and who are just enjoying a consensual, controlled romp well away from other people.