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Armored trucks see Broadway Bicycle lanes as parking spaces

IMG_20131211_1250491After driving 3/4th the length of the block from E Pine Street on the Bicycle track on Broadway, the armored truck in question parked for longer than it took me to order food from a store for lunch. After informing the driver politely that it was illegal to drive in the Bicycle track and to park there and being ignored, I called the 800 number of the back of the truck and ordered lunch. Since the truck was still parked there with the driver playing on his phone, I asked him again to move at which point he said he was calling 911. I waited for the police to arrive and found them not very concerned about the armored truck being parked in the bicycle lane stating that it was likely for their safety and to call 911 if I see it again instead of bothering the driver who needs to be aware of threats. Given there were parking spaces nearby, I was more concerned for other bikers given how many times I am forced into traffic by illegally parked vehicles while biking. If you see any armored trucks or other vehicles blocking the bicycle track, please take pictures and call the police. They need to learn that this is not acceptable.IMG_20131211_1253451

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7 thoughts on “Armored trucks see Broadway Bicycle lanes as parking spaces

  1. If the piolice aren’t going to take the bicycle lane seriously maybe it’s time to involve the mayor or higher ups in the police department to enforce the lane and to not make armored trucks privileged.

  2. I will try in as few words as possible explain this situation. These trucks are not out on the road just to inconvenience anyone including the bicyclist. They park so that the guard that is going in and out of a business/bank/etc. has the shortest route possible back to the security of the vehicle. Walking up to the side of one of these vehicles is very unwise. Take a few minutes and do some google’ing for “Costco Armored Car robbery” and read up a little. You DO NOT want to be near one of these vehicles if a gun battle starts. They don’t park these vehicles like you park your car so you can go order lunch. It is a whole different mentality. I steer clear as far as possible when I see one of these vehicles park outside of a business that I am also inside/leaving from. Stray bullets do not care who they hit.

    • I never saw the person collecting the money get out of the vehicle or where he came from when he got back in. They did not park directly next to where they were going or I would have seen him enter and/or exit. Beyond that, their safety is not my concern, it is theirs. If they can not do their job safely at 1:00 pm in a legal fashion, then they should be doing their job at a different time when it is safe for them and the business.

      Should it be safe for them to drive down the Burke Gilman Trail because it is safer for them? I don’t think so. They need to respect the law just as much as they need to stay safe. The law does not allow them to do what they did.

      To make the point about the armored car not caring about the law.
      The police also mentioned safety as a reason, well the two police cars that came boxed the armored truck in. When the armored truck wanted to leave, one of the officers went to move his vehicle to let them out. Instead of waiting and driving forward, the armored truck turned left over one of the separation barriers, into the parking space that had been there the whole time and drove off. If the police could box them in that easily, a would be robber could box them in just as well. That doesn’t seem safe to me.

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  4. My advice if you see a armoured vehicle, stay away from it. Robbery is up these people are on edge and are ready to shoot. Lucky the gun port didn’t open and the muzzle of a gun wasn’t starring you in the face. Do Not approach a armoured vehicle or guard. For your safety as well as theirs.

  5. I tried to take a picture of one of these trucks (also Loomis) and the driver got out of the car and told me that taking a picture of these cars is a security risk. I looked it up and it doesn’t seem to be illegal. But be aware of harassment if you try to confront or take a picture of one of these drivers.