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Artist’s car filled with art stolen on Capitol Hill

1286413001_Batman_Rides_Again 1317855796_oct5_series_(3_of_23)Shared with CHS by Scott Ryan

When it rains, it pours.  On Monday, local working artist Dave Ryan discovered his silver 1991 Subaru Legacy had been stolen from in front of his house at 18th and E. Denny Way on Capitol Hill.  Ryan’s car (license plate ADJ 8442) contained many hundred of his stenciled records that he earns his living by selling at art walks, street fairs, and farmer’s markets. He had recently resumed driving his Subaru because, two weeks prior, his van was rear-ended and totaled.  Ryan’s car was full of his art because he had returned home after dark from a long day at the Fremont Sunday Market and planned to spend Monday replenishing his art showings at businesses around the Seattle.

The theft of his car and inventory is devastating, both emotionally and financially.
“It’s hard enough losing my transportation, but it is worse just knowing that art, which took months of my life to create, is probably sitting in the bottom of a dumpster,” Ryan said.
Ryan began doing stencil art as a form of physical therapy to regain full use of his hands after breaking his neck in 2008.  He has made his living at it ever since.

Given Ryan’s distinctive street art style and the unusual medium for his stencils (old vinyl records), it is conceivable that someone will spot the stolen artwork and return it to him.

His stenciled records hang on the walls of such local establishments as Full Tilt Ice Cream, Flying Squirrel Pizza, Prana Cuts, Georgetown Liquor Company, Pies & Pints, and Wedgwood Ale House. Examples of Ryan’s art can also be seen on his web site’s gallery at

Please be on the lookout. If you have any information, contact the Seattle Police Department or Dave Ryan at 360-649-6889.

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  1. That sucks. I’ve bought a few of his stenciled records and have them hung in my apartment. He’s a nice guy, too. I hope his car – and moreso, his art – gets found soon.

  2. I can tell you that the older Subes are the easiest car to break into & one of the easiest to steal… I loved mine but ended up putting alarms in the last two for this reason. Bad Karma on the thieves & best of luck to Dave (PS I had the most break-ins = 3, while living on 17th & Denny over any other places I have lived in 26 years on CH – plus shooting took place just 2 blocks away)

  3. I saw this guy’s art hang in Targy’s Tavern for awhile, briefly met him, seems like a nice guy. I hope he gets all his art and car recovered soon!!

  4. Bummer. :(

    (The dangling participle in the headline makes it sounds like someone broke into an artist’s car, and then filled it with art that was stolen on Capitol Hill. That would be a much more interesting story.)

  5. OH NOOO! We love this art, have purchased several of them as gifts for friends and have several more around the house. Talented, nice guy!! Seattle will support your triumphant return, my friend! ART ON!! :)