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Blotter | Seattle U street robberies, Pike/Pine club beating

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  • Rash of Seattle U street robberies: Seattle University is warning students about a rash of crime in the past few days around the campus on the southern edge of Capitol Hill. In the most serious incident, two suspects beat their victim and stole his car near 13th and Jefferson early Monday morning. According to the report on the incident, the two assailants stole a gold Honda Civic in the 1:25 AM attack. The suspects were described as two dark skinned males in their 20s, both around 6-foot tall and both had what the victim believed to be East African accents. Seattle Fire Department medics were called to the scene to treat the victim who was bleeding from the mouth.
    Later that day around 5:25 PM, a SU student waiting near 11th and E Marion was approached by two men who asked her if she had cigarettes. “After the student gave the unknown men cigarettes, one of them put their arms around her, reached into her jacket pocket, and unknowingly stole her Iphone,” the report states. The men then left on 11th Ave. through campus as the victim realized her phone was missing and sought help. Both suspects “appeared to be East African in their early 20’s. One was wearing a dark colored light weight hooded jacket with dark jeans, approximately 5’ 8” tall. The other was wearing a light weight black jacket, dark jeans, cornrow braids, and approximately 5’ 10”,” according to the report.Meanwhile, late Saturday night “two SU community members” were robbed as they waited for a taxi in the area of 21st and E Jefferson:

    A person described as being a dark complexion male, in his early twenties (21-25) of average build and height, wearing a black hoodie approached them and grabbed onto the victims clutch wallet. The wallet strap was around the victim’s wrist so she was pulled to the ground and dragged several feet before the suspect freed it from her and fled the area. SPD responded to the location for a report, and the victim was treated for minor injuries by SFD. No weapons were seen or mentioned during the incident.

  • Dance floor scuffle leads to beating: Police responded to a 11th Ave night spot early Friday morning after an apparent altercation on the dance floor turned extremely violent in the street outside the club. According to the report on the December 6th incident, police arrived to find the victim hysterical, bruised, bloodied and complaining that her nose was broken. According to a witness, the victim had a run-in earlier in the night with another woman while dancing and suffered a punch before security intervened and tossed the punching woman from the club. According to the SPD report, the victim and her friends were also asked to leave the club. As the victim and her friends stood outside, a vehicle arrived and the punching woman and a man carrying “a baton like weapon, similar to a miniature baseball bat” got out. The witness saw the man swing the bat and the punching woman attack the victim again but didn’t see who did the hitting. The baton wielding duo — described only as a black female with shoulder length hair and a white male — quickly got back in the car and left the scene. Police were able to get a license plate number from witnesses. The victim declined medical attention. UPDATE: We’ve removed the name of the business SPD included in the report.
  • Holiday shenanigans: Hopefully a few neighbors near Harvard and Aloha can work out a little bit of holiday awkwardness following a call to police Monday night around 6 PM reporting that a resident who had her wreath stolen from her front door saw the same Christmas greenery hanging at a nearby house. No word yet on what police found when they got there.
  • Close shave on S Main: The report on this 12th/Jeff hair cut gone very, very badly is pretty much one of a kind:
    Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.40.18 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.40.26 AM


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