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Capitol Hill food+drink | 2013’s 32 top most important new Capitol Hill restaurants & bars… ever

Named best new restaurant by more than a few, Mamnoon appeared on our ballot in 2012 following its November opening that year (Image: Mamnoon)

Named best new restaurant by more than a few, Mamnoon appeared on our ballot in 2012 following its November opening that year (Image: Mamnoon)

Here is how CHS summed up the year that was in 2013 Capitol Hill food and drink:

… a year filled with new neighbors as the growing bar and restaurant scene attracted big talent and encouraged the Hill’s biggest players to further invest. Meanwhile, smaller plays in smaller spaces made by smaller — but growing — names also changed the game.

Here is your chance to weigh in on which of the new generation will be remembered in years to come. Our annual vote on the “most important” new Capitol Hill bars and restaurants is admittedly a popularity contest — but, so far at least, new venues must have achieved some level of street credibility to garner the widespread support necessary to come out on top.

In 2012, 8oz Burger Bar showed off its hamburger power and social media might to snag the top slot, besting The Pine Box and Montana in the process. Mamnoon, a possible favorite for 2013, debuted on the 2012 ballot after being open only a few short weeks.

In 2011, readers deemed Canon as the most important opening of the year. Momiji and Skillet also fared very well while late-opening and little-hyped Altura had yet to register with the crowds.

What’s your pick in 2013? Holler if we missed anybody — we’ll add ASAP. The poll closes January 1st at 8 PM Capitol Hill Standard Time.

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Capitol Hill food+drink notes

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 2.14.26 PM

“Hard Hat Special at Linda’s”

    • Vegan Alert! We’ve heard Molly Moon’s will be replacing a certain much-loved vegan option with another hoped-to-be-much-loved vegan option. Hoard.
    • How does a Capitol Hill food+drink veteran deal with a legendary longtime neighbor’s hiatus and almost the entirety of her block about to become a construction zone? Here’s how Linda’s Tavern is handling it:

      They might be tearing up our block but that doesn’t mean you can’t get torn up!

      Come drown out the construction noise with tunes from our killer jukebox and raise your Oly high to the sky as we bid our neighbor Bill’s Off Broadway farewell.

      During construction, Linda’s Tavern will be open at 3pm daily until every last nail is hammered or until you are. And if that doesn’t tickle your sawhorse/traffic cone and/or steel-toes, we’re running a Hardhat

      Special from 3pm-4pm:

      • Plain cheeseburger and a small fry – $6

      • Pint of Olympia and a side of fries – $5

      • Sliders – $2 each

      Bill’s Off Broadway, we know you will be back soon but don’t think we won’t be dreaming of that breakfast pizza.

(Image: @neumos)

(Image: @neumos)

  • “The 50 Best Things I Ate This Year” includes Chico Madrid’s Pan Con Valdeon, The Wandering Goose’s Raspberry-Jam Buttermilk Biscuits, Poppy’s Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream, Crumble and Flake’s Cheddar and Smoked Paprika Croissant, Le Zinc’s Moules au Fenouil, Lark’s Roasted Eel with Saba, Mamnoon’s Muhammara, Altura’s Burrata with Tomatoes, Kedai Makan’s Nasi Goreng with Prawns, Bar Cotto’s Salumi e Torta Fritta, 8oz Burger Bar’s Vanilla Malt, Restaurant Zoe’s Roasted Endive Salad, The Old Sage’s Roasted and Raw Gourds, Spinasse’s Tajarin al Ragù and Canon’s Shrouded Roulette.
  • Neumos sells the most PBR in the state and 55th most in the frickin nation...”
  • Madison Valley: Seattle’s “Little Paris”
  • Cafe Solstice Capitol Hill — coming soon.
  • What’s it like working New Year’s Eve? It always seems to bring out a lot of weekend warriors. People who usually don’t go out that often come to your venue and treat it like it is Las Vegas. Lots of rookies out on parade.
  • Vios Café and Marketplace is seeking an experienced baker…” Or you can work “front of house” at Capitol Cider.
  • Cone & Steiner general store — and deli counter — is slated to open next week.
  • ICYMI: First look inside Tallulah’s.
  • Neumos partner, Sam’s Tavern owner in new deal for old Canterbury.
  • Revel and Joule creators say new Capitol Hill project will bring together Korean BBQ, noodles, ice cream *and* beer.
  • Mod Pizza Capitol Hill, RIP.
  • Bagel Deli loses lease on 15th Ave E.
  • This guy and this girl are cool with Eltana:

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