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Capitol Hill vinyl bar Revolver promises homey retro vibe and a massive record collection

Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity's "limited edition Gold retro vinyl CD" will be on the playlist when Revolver changes formats in 2024

Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity’s “limited edition Gold retro vinyl CD” will be on the playlist when Revolver changes formats in 2014

Next week Gary Reynolds is flying to Houston to retrieve some 2,500 vinyl records from his uncle — a collection that will become the thematic and musical backbone of his upcoming Capitol Hill bar, Revolver. CHS reported last month that Reynolds, who owns the Electrokitty Recording studio in Wallingford, was taking over the Dinette space for his first foray into the food+drink business.

“The idea is to spin album side records,” Reynolds told CHS, explaining the concept for the bar in the terms he knows best. “It’s just like looking at one of those classic 1960s HiFis, that’s it.”

Reynolds takes over the space at the end of this month and expects to have Revolver ready to drop the needle by early March. After 30 years in the recording industry, Reynolds said one thing he’s looking forward to in the new venture is having a refuge from working directly with bands, so don’t expect much live entertainment.

In the coming months Reynolds said he’ll be building out a large bar in the space’s main room, and possibly some built in couches. The food offerings are still up in the air, but Reynolds said his secret gumbo recipe will likely make the menu. Reynolds, a native of southeast Texas, has a side catering business called Gary’s Gumbo.

Reynolds told CHS he had been actively looking for a bar space for about a year, primarily on Capitol Hill. When he learned of Dinette’s decision to move out in search of a larger restaurant space, Reynolds said he thought Revolver would fit perfectly into the little nightlife hub of Montana and The Hillside Bar.

“I think a lot of people really like vinyl, and it’s had its resurgence. But a lot of people don’t have them in the house, they’re a pain,” he said “That’s what I like about the concept, people can sit and listen to records the whole records, the way the artist intended.”

But in an era when a bartender’s iPod shuffle determines a lot of bar music, Reynolds acknowledged he’ll adapt if his idea doesn’t spin.

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5 thoughts on “Capitol Hill vinyl bar Revolver promises homey retro vibe and a massive record collection

  1. I sure hope he has an existing ASCAP agreement in place.

    And if a “bartender’s iPod shuffle determines a lot of bar music” they can expect a visit from ASCAP as well.

    I’ve been there when they showed-up one day. I’m glad I was a customer and not the bartender.

    • ASCAP and BMI for the publishers, RIAA for the record companies. I used to lease recorded music to all sorts of restaurants and had to pay lots of royalties for all of them. Seemed reasonable to me.

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