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Capitol Hill’s Walkinshaw tabbed for Olympia as Pedersen moves forward to replace Murray

Candidates Scott Forbes, Cristina Gonzalez and Wilkinshaw, left to, um, less left :) (Image: 43rd District Democrats)

Candidates Scott Forbes, Cristina Gonzalez and Walkinshaw, left to, um, less left :) (Image: 43rd District Democrats)

The 43rd District Democrats huddled Tuesday night to formally choose their candidate to replace Ed Murray in the state Senate as the mayor elect prepares to take over at Seattle’s City Hall. The formal selection of House Rep Jamie Pedersen also made room for a new Capitol Hill name in Olympia.

Brady Walkinshaw is a Capitol Hill resident and works with the Gates Foundation. Tuesday night, the 43rd group selected Walkinshaw to lead the district that stretches across the Hill north to Wallingford.



CHS reported in the wake of Murray’s November victory on the likely ascension of Pedersen — also a champion of gay rights and social issues in Olympia — to assume Murray’s seat in the Senate. The selections are now sent to the King County Council for a final decision — typically a forgone conclusion.

Walkinshaw, who was endorsed by Pedersen, is a gay, Cuban-American with an impressive academic background. In addition to his desire to be “a champion for social justice,” Walkinshaw told Publicola he will push for a state capital gains tax. “We should propose a modest capital gains tax that directs its proceeds to K-12 education,” Walkinshaw writes. “The 2013 Washington State Supreme Court ruling striking down the supermajority requirement for new revenue puts this option within reach.” You can read more about him at

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