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CHS Pics | Bridge and North Pole crowd invades Capitol Hill


1521830_10152091765491351_363173630_nOMG. There were sooo many bridge and North Polers on Capitol Hill Saturday night.

Of course, CHS noticed a few locals donning gay apparel, also.

As obnoxious as much of it was, the convergence of the Santarchy 2013 finale and March of the Mistletomosexuals at bars across Capitol Hill put non-costumed barhoppers into a kind of champion’s league of finding great bars somehow off the path of the drunken Santa horde. Knowing well and good we’d be bumped around out and about in Pike/Pine Saturday night, CHS braved it and found refuge at a Rudolph-free Bar Ferd’nand. There were similar scenes across the neighborhood of the more casual Capitol Hill holiday revelers sitting in relief inside their favorite “secret” non-Santa hideaway. In other words, with Santarchy and Mistletoomosexuals also enjoying their holiday shenanigans, everybody was happy.


Lots of pictures of the fun below. Thanks to Alex Crick and Alex Garland for braving the madness on our behalf. You’ll find more — not all of it safe for Christmas! — on the CHS Facebook page.

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