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Revel and Joule creators say new Capitol Hill project will bring together Korean BBQ, noodles, ice cream *and* beer

A parfait treat from Revel (Image: Revel)

A parfait treat from Revel (Image: Revel)

Rachel Yang and and Seif Chirchi aren’t just coming to Capitol Hill — they’re coming to the neighborhood with “four unique integrated concepts” — 1) Korean BBQ with table-top grills, 2) noodles, 3) offerings of ice cream, frozen custards and parfaits and 4) a bar “featuring rare, new, and unusual beer.”

CHS reported earlier this month on the duo’s plans for a 4,000 square-foot space in the 500 E Pike Greenus Building acquired and renovated in 2013 by Hunters Capital. Details on the as of yet unnamed project from the couple behind north-of-the-cut faves Revel and Joule are below. We’re excited to add the project to our list of Capitol Hill restaurants and bars to look forward to in 2014. UPDATE 5/2/14 11:15 AM: Yang confirmed the name of the new project will be Trove.

The Greenus back in its Brocklind's days (Image: CHS)

The Greenus back in its Brocklind’s days (Image: CHS)

In an announcement of the new project, Yang and Chirchi said the largest component of the project will be the Korean BBQ restaurant with table-top grills. The space will include a a noodle stand “focusing on rotating, fresh, house-made noodles” and an “ice cream window” that will specialize in ” frozen custard and parfait.” A separate space for the bar will feature “rare, new, and unusual beer,” according to the announcement.

The project is being designed and built by Heliotrope architects, Dovetail Contractors, and local artists Electric Coffin.

Yang and Chirchi predict an “early summer 2014” opening.

UPDATE: Here’s what Yang had to say to us about the audaciousness of her plan to combine Korean BBQ and ice cream:

Seif and I have been wanting to do Korean BBQ forever. This is truly unique and interactive way of eating that not many people know or get to do often. We thought it was our duty to bring this amazing cooking and eating experience to Seattle :)
When we found the space in the Greenus building, we really love the location and the space. We weren’t too thrilled that it was quite a bigger space than we were looking for. We didn’t want mass dining hall. So we started to think ways we can still take the space but not compromise the characteristic of the restaurant that we wanted to build.
For us, each restaurant is the evolution of the ones you created. We knew noodles at Revel were something that we enjoyed making and having fun with. We knew that we wanted to carry out the eclectic desserts that we serve at Revel and Joule in parfaits that can be a vessel for all sorts of flavors and texture. And the bar with eclectic and rare beer will be the center of the party!
There are still lots of details to be worked out, but it is going to be an amazing space for sure!!!
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7 thoughts on “Revel and Joule creators say new Capitol Hill project will bring together Korean BBQ, noodles, ice cream *and* beer

    • As someone who is ethnically Korean and grew up working in a Korean restaurant after school breaking some labor laws, I’ll take it. Not a fan of ridiculously expensive restaurants everywhere on the hill, but I don’t think there’s a fancy Korean restaurant anywhere in the state.

      I don’t care about “authenticity” as much as the cooking style and ingredients. You can find “inauthentic” Korean food all over Korea, too. Koreans love trying new things and experimentation, too! I never went to a Korean BBQ in Korea and neither did my mom who grew up there.

      I just hope they are vegetarian-friendly unlike most “Korean BBQ” in America. There are probably more Korean vegetarians than American vegetarians.

  1. Too funny BOSS.

    Took my wife to Revel in Fremont.

    Her thoughts: “real Koreans would be mad if they ate here, it’s twice the cost for half the food like you would get in Korea, and it’s not that good”

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