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A ‘hard hat’ special on Capitol Hill as Pike Motorworks project digs in

Wrecking ball (Image: CHS)

Wrecking ball (Image: CHS)

A development project in motion since 2009 finally saw the start this week of a two-year construction process to transform an E Pike auto-row era building into a 260-unit mixed-use apartment project. Demolition — and partial preservation — of the former Capitol Hill BMW dealership began in earnest Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Phoenix-based developer Wolff Company said the demolition work will be wrapped up well before projects begin at the adjacent Bill’s building project and nearby projects at the former Mercedes dealership and its garage. Still, residents and businesses in the area should get ready for busy days on nearby streets. The spokesperson said projects are coordinating elements as much as possible with utility work and the logistics of constructing the three seven-story buildings and one six-story structure.

The future Pike Motorworks

The future Pike Motorworks

Linda’s Tavern, a neighbor to the massive Pike Motorworks project’s planned housing, restaurants and shops replacing the BMW campus, has already rolled out a “hard hat” special including an earlier opening and specials designed for the construction crew crowd:

During construction, Linda’s Tavern will be open at 3pm daily until every last nail is hammered or until you are. And if that doesn’t tickle your sawhorse/traffic cone

and/or steel-toes, we’re running a Hardhat

Special from 3pm-4pm:

• Plain cheeseburger and a small fry – $6

• Pint of Olympia and a side of fries – $5

• Sliders – $2 each

Bill’s Off Broadway, we know you will be back soon but don’t think we won’t be dreaming of that breakfast pizza.

In all, the four projects are slated to add more than 600 apartment units and thousands of square feet of retail and restaurant space to a few blocks of Pike/Pine.

Meanwhile, Wolff’s development and preservation project on 11th at E Pine is nearing completion. The Sunset Electric building should be finished later this year and ready to make new homes for 100 or so Capitol Hill residents and a few new Capitol Hill businesses.

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12 thoughts on “A ‘hard hat’ special on Capitol Hill as Pike Motorworks project digs in

  1. Pedestrian travel is going to be challenging with multiple projects on opposite sides of the street all happening simultaneously. That’s what really needs coordination. Utility work usually lasts only a few days.

  2. In looking at the video, this appears to be a somewhat unique and innovative project, with public pathways and courtyards in the interior of the buildings. Will there be some retail businesses in these areas? (hope so).

    I wonder if the interior spaces will be open at night. If so, this will be populated by homeless campers, unless there is a security detail that shoos them away.

    • I agree, it would be great to see more buildings with pass-throughs and retail interior to the bldg. Though I suspect it wouldn’t only be homeless campers loitering. Even after bar-closing hours could result in lots of boisterous noise in internal public areas. Definitely raises some other issues to deal with.

      • The idea is similar to the Mews being constructed between Pike and Union where pedestrians will be able to walk from 11th to 12th. That project incorporates gates, so the walking area will be locked after-hours. This looks too open to lock down at night, but is that true? Does anyone know if there are plans to lock up the courtyard?

      • Yes, as with other developments in recent years, these passageways will be quasi-public:
        Development Notes | BMW, cohousing progress, Melrose & Pine preview, Facebook Twin Toasters hot tub

        There was some enthusiasm for the proposal’s ambitiously concepted retail arcade that would, the developers say, create a quasi-public space in the middle of the 75-foot-tall development. But the board also expressed concerns that the arcade would not be built to “human scale” and could become a walled-off area cut off from truly public access.

  3. Wow, that apartment building on Boylston between Pike and Pine is surviving! It’s kind of funny how it’s sandwiched in between the two giant new buildings like that. It reminds me of driving along Alki Ave on West Seattle where you see tiny little houses that refused to sell their property to developers squished in between the tall new condo buildings.

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